Pakistan Railway Fare

Pakistan Railway train fares provide detailed information on all cities in Pakistan. Many express and passenger trains run between Pakistan’s major cities on a regular basis. According to the most recent Pakistan railway timetable, all Pakistani Express passenger train fare ticket prices are available at all train stations. Full fee and ticket pricing chart for Pakistan rail in economy class, economy seat, berth, First class sleeper, AC lower, AC parlor, AC sleeper, AC Business, and AC slandered.

Pakistan Railway e-Ticket | Train Ticket Price

Purchasing Pakistan railway tickets used to be a challenging task. People used to queue for a long time for this task, then pay the required money when it was their turn, and in this way, they eventually found their ticket after a lot of effort. It appears strange this time since people no longer bother to do it for a train ticket because contemporary technology has provided them with so many comforts that they demand more in every aspect of life. This chain includes the Pakistan railways e-ticket system and Pakistan railways booking tickets.

Pakistan Railway online Ticket Booking

It is now incredibly simple for everyone to purchase a ticket. Pakistan Railways has announced the launch of an online reservation system. You can now book your desired rail ticket without having to leave your house. The procedure is fairly straightforward. First and foremost, you must register on the Pakistan Railways’ official website. After that, you must validate your account by verifying the mobile number that you provided during registration.

  • If you’re going to Karachi, here’s how much you’ll have to spend on Pakistan Railway in terms of fare and ticket price:
  • If you travel from Lahore to Karachi, you will be charged Rs 1230 for your train ticket. a price list for train tickets
  • If you plan your journey from Rawalpindi to Karachi according to Pakistan Railway Charges, you will pay 1340 Rs for your ticket and price. Chart
  • When you go from Multan to Karachi, you will be charged Rs 810 for your ticket.
  • If anybody travels from Quetta and ends their journey in Karachi, the fare ticket will cost 760 Rs.

Pakistan Railway Fare Chart Ticket, Booking, Charges Train Ticket Price

If your destination is Lahore then below are the ticket prices and charges, fare details which will be demanded by Pakistan railway from their customers: Pakistan railway ticket price 2023

  • If you travel from Karachi to Lahore, your railway ticket would cost you 1230 Rs.
  • If you begin your travel in Rawalpindi and ending in Lahore, your railway price will be 350 rupees.
  • If you begin your journey in Multan and complete it in Lahore, your railway ticket fee will be 390 Rs.
  • If you travel from Quetta to Lahore, you would be charged a ticket fee of 990 Rs, according to the Pakistan Railway Fare Chart Ticket.

Railway Fares and Schedules in Pakistan

Then we have Islamabad as a destination for you, and the following are the ticket prices and fee data as provided by the Pakistan Railway Department:

  • When you travel from Karachi to Islamabad by train, your ticket will cost Rs 1340. Price of a train ticket in Pakistan in 2023
  • If you begin your journey in Lahore and end it in Islamabad, your railway fare will be 350 rupees.
  • If you move from Multan to Islamabad, your railway ticket will cost you 570 rupees.
  • If any of you travel from Quetta to Islamabad by train, your ticket and fee will be 1540 Rs.