2nd Sehwan SPL Train Timings and Routes

2nd Sehwan SPL Train Timings. Sehwan Sharif, a city in Pakistan’s Sindh province, is well-known for its extensive cultural history and religious significance. It is notably well-known for the shrine of the famed Sufi saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. The Pakistan Railways created the 2nd Sehwan SPL (Special) train service to ease travel to and from Sehwan. In order to help readers efficiently plan their trips, this article attempts to provide comprehensive information regarding the timetables and routes of the 2nd Sehwan SPL train.

2nd Sehwan SPL Train Timings and Routes

2nd Sehwan SPL Train Timings and Routes

In order to meet the transportation requirements of visitors going to Sehwan Sharif, Pakistan Railways offers a dedicated service known as the 2nd Sehwan SPL train. The travel is intended to be convenient and comfortable, ensuring that customers arrive at their destination on time.

Sehwan Sharif to Lahore 2ND SEHWAN SPL Train Timetable, Schedule, All Updates

One of Pakistan Railways’ most well-known and crowded trains is the 2ND SEHWAN SPL. The complete name of 233UP – 2ND SEHWAN SPL is the train name code of 2ND SEHWAN SPL, which is 233UP. Sehwan Sharif is the starting point of the 2nd SEHWAN SPL, and Lahore is the destination. At 13:00:00, it leaves Sehwan Sharif and arrives in Lahore at 09:15:00. The full schedule for 233UP – 2ND SEHWAN SPL can be found below.

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Station Name Arrival Departure
Sehwan Sharif 13:00:00
Dadu 14:00:00 14:05:00
Habibkot 16:55:00 17:25:00
Sukkur 18:20:00 18:25:00
Rohri 18:35:00 19:05:00
Khanpur 22:20:00 22:25:00
Khanewal 02:00:00 02:30:00
Faisalabad 06:05:00 06:50:00
Lahore 09:15:00

Timetable, schedule, and all updates for the 2ND SEHWAN SPL train from Lahore to Sehwan Sharif

Station Name Arrival Departure
Lahore 21:15:00
Faisalabad 23:15:00 23:59:00
Khanewal 02:45:00 03:15:00
Khanpur 07:30:00 07:35:00
Rohri 11:00:00 11:30:00
Sukkur 11:40:00 11:45:00
Habibkot 12:25:00 12:55:00
Dadu 16:55:00 17:00:00
Sehwan Sharif 18:15:00

Stations and Routes

A unique path taken by the 2nd Sehwan SPL railway guarantees easy access to Sehwan Sharif from numerous cities. Along the route, the train makes several stops at which passengers can board and disembark as needed.

  • Hyderabad Cantt. Karachi
  • Adam Tando Shahdadpur
  • Nawabshah
  • Dadu
  • Syed Sharif

These stations were carefully chosen to accommodate travelers from significant cities and towns, allowing them to reach Sehwan Sharif without the bother of protracted road trips.

Infrastructure and Amenities

The 2nd Sehwan SPL train has a variety of amenities and features to make sure passengers have a relaxing and enjoyable ride. There are pleasant sitting options in the train’s air-conditioned cabins. Additionally, there are restrooms onboard that are sanitary.

The onboard catering facilities, which include a variety of food and refreshments, are also available to passengers. The friendly staff is always there to help passengers and provide any information they require.

Booking Tickets and Fares

Passengers must purchase their tickets in advance in order to ride the 2nd Sehwan SPL train. The Pakistan Railways offers numerous methods for purchasing tickets, including websites, railway stations, and accredited travel companies.

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Based on the distance and class of travel, the 2nd Sehwan SPL rail fare is calculated. It is advised to visit the official website or get in touch with Pakistan Railways for the most recent details on ticket costs and reservation processes.

Advice for a Relaxed Journey

Arrive Early: To avoid any last-minute crowds and to guarantee a smooth boarding process, it is advised to arrive at the station long before the departure time.

Carry the essentials, including a valid ID, comfortable clothing, your personal possessions, and any necessary prescriptions.

Keep Yourself Hydrated and Pack Light Foods: Stay hydrated while traveling and pack some healthy foods to munch on. However, take care to keep the train tidy and dispose of rubbish properly.

Entertainment: Bring entertainment with you on the trip, such as books, periodicals, or electronic devices.

Follow train protocol: Obey Pakistan Railways norms and regulations, keep the train clean and show consideration for other passengers.

FAQS about 2nd Sehwan SPL Train Timings and Routes

Q. Is it possible to purchase tickets for the second Sehwan SPL train online?

Ans. Yes, you can purchase tickets for the 2nd Sehwan SPL train online through Pakistan Railways. For ticket reservations, you can go to their official website or make use of recognized online platforms.

Q. Do group reservations qualify for any discounts?

Ans. On occasion, Pakistan Railways would give group reservations special rates or discounts. It is advisable to ask about these specials before purchasing your tickets.

Q. Are there distinct sections for women or families?

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Ans. Yes, the 2nd Sehwan SPL train has designated family and women’s compartments for privacy and comfort during the voyage.

Q. Am I permitted to bring my own food and drinks on board?

Ans. On the 2nd Sehwan SPL train, travelers are permitted to bring their own food and drinks. But it’s crucial to keep things tidy and dispose of rubbish properly.

Q. Is there a particular area for people with disabilities?

Ans. Passengers with special needs are given priority on the 2nd Sehwan SPL train. It is advised to notify Pakistan Railways in advance so they may help with the necessary preparations for a smooth voyage.

For those going to Sehwan Sharif, the 2nd Sehwan SPL train provides a practical and comfortable means of transportation. Passengers can experience a comfortable voyage while learning about Sehwan’s cultural and religious heritage thanks to its specific timetable, several stations, and onboard amenities. It is advised to prepare ahead of time, reserve tickets in advance, and adhere to the given instructions to guarantee a smooth travel experience.

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