Rehman Baba Express Train Timings and Routes

Rehman Baba Express Train Timings. Are you organizing a trip and looking for dependable and convenient train service in Pakistan? Take a look at the Rehman Baba Express. We will examine the Rehman Baba Express train’s schedules and routes in this article, giving you all the details you require for a comfortable and delightful trip.

Rehman Baba Express Train Timings and Routes

Rehman Baba Express Train Timings and Routes

In Pakistan, the Rehman Baba Express is a well-liked rail service that is renowned for its effectiveness, comfort, and dependability. This train offers a convenient means of transportation with several amenities to improve your trip experience, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.

47UP Rehman Baba Express Train Timings

Rehman Baba expresses the train schedule with all stop information. A brand-new daily express passenger train called the Rehman Baba runs between Peshawar and Karachi. Timings for Rehman Baba express trains at all of their stops as per the most recent Pakistan Railway timetable. Rehman Baba complete timetable, stop data, and stoppage information for the most recent Pakistan railway train times.

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
2 DRIGH ROAD 10:21 10:23
3 LANDHI JN. 10:43 10:45
4 HYDERABAD JN 12:30 12:35
5 TANDO ADAM 13:22 13:24
6 NAWABSHAH JN. 14:05 14:07
7 PADIDAN 14:48 14:50
8 BHIRIA ROAD 15:03 15:05
9 LAKHA ROAD 15:18 15:20
10 MAHRABPUR 15:34 15:36
11 ROHRI JN. 17:15 17:40
12 PANO AKIL 18:06 18:08
13 RAHIM YAR KHAN 19:55 19:57
14 BAHAWALPUR 22:23 22:28
15 MULTAN CANTT 23:55 00:15
16 TOBA TEK SINGH 02:15 02:17
17 FAISALABAD 03:30 04:00
18 SANGLA HILL 04:46 04:48
19 HAFIZABAD 05:41 05:43
20 ALIPUR CHATTHA 06:07 06:09
21 WAZIRABAD JN 07:00 07:02
22 LALA MUSA JN. 07:35 07:37
23 RAWALPINDI 10:25 10:45
24 ATTOCK CITY JN. 12:10 12:12
25 JAHANGIR ROAD 13:00 13:02
26 NOWSHERA JN. 13:18 13:20
27 PESHAWAR CITY 13:54 13:55
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48DN Rehman Baba Express Train Timings

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
2 PESHAWAR CITY 11:09 11:10
3 NOWSHERA JN. 11:39 11:41
4 JAHANGIR ROAD 11:57 11:59
5 ATTOCK CITY JN. 12:37 12:39
6 RAWALPINDI 14:10 14:30
7 LALA MUSA JN. 17:00 17:02
8 WAZIRABAD JN 17:40 17:42
9 ALIPUR CHATTHA 18:21 18:23
10 HAFIZABAD 18:47 18:49
11 SANGLA HILL 19:53 19:55
12 FAISALABAD 20:50 21:20
13 TOBA TEK SINGH 22:15 22:17
14 MULTAN CANTT 00:30 00:50
15 BAHAWALPUR 02:20 02:25
16 RAHIM YAR KHAN 04:28 04:30
17 PANO AKIL 06:29 06:31
18 ROHRI JN. 07:15 07:40
19 MAHRABPUR 08:46 08:48
20 LAKHA ROAD 09:02 09:04
21 BHIRIA ROAD 09:17 09:19
22 PADIDAN 09:32 09:34
23 NAWABSHAH JN. 10:40 10:42
24 TANDO ADAM 12:02 12:04
25 HYDERABAD JN 12:45 12:50
26 LANDHI JN. 14:36 14:38
27 DRIGH ROAD 15:03 15:05

The Rehman Baba Express in brief

The Rehman Baba Express is a cutting-edge train that connects important cities and towns across Pakistan on several routes. It offers travelers a comfortable and secure environment and is furnished with the latest amenities.

Schedule for Rehman Baba Express Train

Karachi to Lahore: 7:00 AM departure
8:00 PM arrival
Islamabad to Peshawar: 9:30 AM departure
12:30 PM arrival
Multan to Rawalpindi: 3:45 PM departure
9 p.m. arrival
It is advised to check the official website or get in touch with the railway authorities for the most recent information because these timetables are subject to change.

Train Routes for the Rehman Baba Express

Karachi to Lahore
Peshawar to Islamabad
Rawalpindi to Multan
Karachi to Quetta
Lahore to Faisalabad
These are only a few instances; the Rehman Baba Express travels to numerous additional locations. There is probably a route that meets your needs, whether you are traveling for work, pleasure, or to see family and friends.

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 Reservations and Booking

It is simple to purchase a ticket for the Rehman Baba Express. Through the official website, you can make reservations, or you can go to the closest railroad station. To guarantee your seat and prevent any last-minute issues, it is advised to purchase your ticket in advance, especially during busy travel times.

Amenities and Infrastructure

Comfortable coaches
a lot of space for the seats
Onboard catering services provide mouthwatering dishes
restrooms that are tidy and sanitary
outlets for electronic device charging
Wi-Fi access is possible on some routes.
These conveniences make traveling easier and more enjoyable, allowing you to unwind and take in the scenery.

 Safety Precautions

On the Rehman Baba Express, customer security and safety are of primary priority. Modern safety features, such as emergency brakes and fire detection systems, are installed on the train. Additionally, there are trained staff members on board who may help passengers and watch out for their welfare as they travel.

Advice for a Relaxed Journe

To avoid any last-minute traffic, get to the station early.
Be sure to include the necessities, including toiletries, medicines, and entertainment.
As temperatures on the train could change, wear loose-fitting clothing and bring a lightweight jacket or shawl.
Carry a water bottle with you and stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water when traveling.
Always keep your possessions safe and close at hand.
You’ll have a smooth and comfortable ride on the Rehman Baba Express if you keep in mind these suggestions.

 Travel Possibilities

On the Rehman Baba Express, you may also discover Pakistan’s breathtaking natural splendor. With sights of mountains, rivers, and verdant farmland, the train travels through stunning scenery. Keep your camera close by to document these captivating sights and preserve precious memories.

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FAQs about Rehman Baba Express Train Timings and Routes

Q. How do I reserve a seat on the Rehman Baba Express?
Ans. You can either visit the closest railroad station or book a ticket for the Rehman Baba Express online through the official website.

Q. Does Rehman Baba Express offer WiFi on all of its routes?
ASeveral routes have Wi-Fi connectivity. For detailed route information, it is advisable to contact the railroad administration or consult the official website.

Q. Are senior citizens or students eligible for any discounts?
Ans. Senior citizens and students receive reduced rates on the Rehman Baba Express. To qualify for these incentives, you must provide a valid form of identification.

Q. How much luggage can I bring on the Rehman Baba Express?

Ans. Yes, you are permitted to bring luggage on the train. There can be limitations on height and weight, though. For detailed information, it is advised to consult the official regulations or get in touch with the railway authorities.

Q5: If I cancel my ticket, will I receive a refund?

Ans. Refund procedures may differ. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions before purchasing your ticket or to get in touch with the railroad authorities with any questions about refunds.


A dependable and comfortable train service that connects many Pakistani cities and towns is the Rehman Baba Express. It provides a superb method of transportation for both local and long-distance travel because of its practical scheduling, well-maintained coaches, and contemporary amenities. The Rehman Baba Express is a viable option whether you travel frequently or only sometimes.

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