Kohat Express Train Timings and Routes

Kohat Express Train Timings. Are you arranging a trip and need precise details on the Kohat Express train schedule and routes? Look nowhere else! We will give you all the crucial information you require about Kohat Express in this article, including its schedule, routes, and significant factors. So settle back, unwind, and let’s explore the world of practical and effective rail travel.

Kohat Express Train Timings and Routes

Kohat Express Train Timing and Routes

In Pakistan, the Kohat Express is a well-known train service. It is renowned for its dependability, punctuality, and smooth ride. This rapid train connects numerous towns, making it a well-liked option for travelers going on business and vacation.

133UP Kohat Express Train Timings

Kohat Express train schedule with complete stop information. A daily express passenger train called the Kohat Express runs between Rawalpindi and Kohat Cantt. Timings for Kohat Express train at all of its stops as per the most recent Pakistan Railway timetable. Kohat Express’s complete timetable, stop information and halt information as of the most recent Pakistani train time.

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
2 GOLRA SHARIF 15:34 15:36
3 TARNOUL 15:44 15:46
4 FATEHJANG 16:13 16:15
5 KAHAL 16:49 16:50
6 BASAL SHARIF 16:58 16:59
7 BASAL JN. 17:10 17:12
8 DOMEL 17:18 17:19
9 JAND JN 17:47 17:49
10 BABARI BANDA 18:55 18:57
11 KOHAT CANTT 19:20
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134DN Kohat Express Train Timings

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
2 BABARI BANDA 07:53 07:55
3 JAND JN 09:04 09:06
4 DOMEL 09:33 09:34
5 BASAL JN. 09:40 09:42
6 BASAL SHARIF 09:48 09:49
7 KAHAL 09:57 09:58
8 FATEHJANG 10:32 10:34
9 TARNOUL 11:01 11:03
10 GOLRA SHARIF 11:11 11:13

Time of the Kohat Express Train

The Kohat Express runs on a set schedule, allowing travelers to conveniently arrange their excursions. Following a predetermined schedule, the train departs from its starting station and travels via intermediate stations before arriving at its destination. It is advised to consult the official website or get in touch with the railway authorities if you want reliable and current information about the train schedules.

Popular Kohat Express Routes

Route 1: The train departs from Lahore and travels via Faisalabad, Jhang, Mianwali, and Kohat before arriving at its destination.
Route 2: The train departs from Peshawar, passes through Nowshera and Kohat, and arrives in Rawalpindi to complete its route.
These are but a few examples of the routes that the Kohat Express service covers. Passengers can select the most practical route based on their travel needs by choosing from among the train’s different alternatives.

 Amenities and Resources

Comfortable and large seating arrangements
Coaches with air conditioning for a comfortable atmosphere
Restrooms that are tidy and sanitary
On-board dining facilities with a variety of delectable meals and snacks
Staff that is kind and well-trained to assist passengers with their needs

Reservations and Ticketing

It is advised to make bookings for Kohat Express in advance to guarantee a hassle-free journey. Through a variety of methods, such as online portals, train stations, or authorized travel agencies, passengers can simply purchase their tickets. When making a reservation, it is crucial to include precise trip information and to pick the appropriate class and seating options.

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Safety Guidelines and Measures

To prevent any last-minute traffic, get to the station well in advance of the departure time.
Make sure you have all the required identification and travel papers.
Follow the security guards’ orders and work with them.
Secure your possessions, and be aware of your surroundings.
Learn about the processes and emergency exits.

Advice for a Relaxed Journey

Fill a compact bag with necessary supplies like snacks, water, and clothing.
Wear comfortable, loose-fitting attire, and always carry a lightweight jacket or shawl in case the weather changes.
While traveling, pass the time by reading a book, listening to music, or simply taking in the scenery.
Interact with other travelers and meet new people along the road.
Drink plenty of drinks to stay hydrated while traveling.

FAQs about Kohat Express Train Timings and Routes

Q. Is it possible to view the Kohat Express train schedule online?
Ans. To check the Kohat Express train schedule, you can visit the official website or utilize reliable travel applications.

Q. Are there any special offers for students or senior citizens?
Ans.  Senior citizens and students may be eligible for special discounts from the railway authority. It is essential to ask about these savings when making your ticket reservation.

Q. Can I cancel my reservation or receive a ticket refund?
Ans. A Ticket modifications and refunds might be permitted, depending on the terms and circumstances. Before making your reservation, it is advised to review the refund and cancellation rules.

Q. Are there any outlets for charging on the train?
Ans.  You may charge your electronic gadgets while traveling on the Kohat Express because the majority of the coaches have charging points.

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Q. How far in advance of the train’s departure should I get to the station?
Ans.  To ensure a smooth boarding process, it is advised to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

For travelers in Pakistan, the Kohat Express provides a dependable and practical transportation choice. It guarantees a pleasant journey because of its clear schedule, plush amenities, and security features. If you want to travel in style and without fuss, think about taking the Kohat Express whether you’re going on vacation or for business.

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