Islamic Boy Names Shia Muslim Boy Girl Names in Urdu

Here on the page Shia Boy Names and Shia Girl Names are explained which is an interesting information for you because here you can see details of Islamic Boy Names Shia Muslim Baby Boy Names in Urdu! These are all Islamic names for boys. If you have a baby and he is a Shia Muslim and you are looking for some cool and decent names for your baby, then you are here! Shia names for baby. These are Shia baby boy names that everyone loves.

You can have a look at these Islamic names. We have linked and shared this list of Islamic names for boys on this page. We have written the names with their meanings. All these names are for baby boys. You can also suggest this name:

Islamic Boy Names Shia Muslim Boy Girl Names in Urdu

  • You can choose this type of names, Rahman: Name of Allah. Muhammed: Was it done? Ali: High and high. Hasan: Naik, beautiful. Sas Haider: jar, base. Armaghan: Name of Allah.
  • Moving on with other Islamic names for little boys and they are Burhan Ali: Argument. Besir Haider: The Seer. Bilal Haider: Victorious. Takreem Hussain: Honor.

Shia Boy Names

Islamic names for boys in Urdu

  • You can also choose these types of names for your children, Arba Haider: Rabata. Asadullah Ali: Lion of Allah. Tehsil Haider: Civilization. Saqib Ali: Roshan. Samar Abbas: Fruit. Jarrar Haider: Brave. About boys islamic names with meaning in urdu
  • Take these names too, they are also decent, Jafar Raza: Nadi, Darya. Ashtar Ali: Brave. Asbar Ali: I have no patience. Hammad Ali: Sugar Guzzler.

Shia Girl Names

  • Hussain Reza: Hussain. Hasnain Raza: Naik. Sajjad Ali: Prostrate. Sabat Haider: Descendants. Sayal Abbas: The one who asks. Sair Ali: The Sair. Salman Haider: Salamwala. Shaheer Ali: Advice. Shahmir Ali: Beautiful young man. Consciousness Ali: King.

So, this is all about the complete list of Islamic names for boys from the Quran. We are sure you will like all these Islamic names. If we know more about modern Islamic names for boys, we will share with you Islamic names for boys with meaning. Shia names for baby

Just stay connected with us and we will share with you more variants regarding these Islamic names for boys in Urdu. This list has definitely given you a clear idea of ​​what kind of baby names you should have! You should always go for a name that has a special meaning attached to it.

Everyone wants to know about Shia baby girl names. So there are only as many names as anyone wants to get. Every Muslim in this world would like to have such Shia girl names where everyone will center the thing with the baby star. Finally we are going to clarify things about Shia baby names through the legitimate way where things go from a straightforward perspective.