Word Association Test ISSB Online Solved PDF Download

Defense Forces Word Association Test is selected for ISSB. Intelligence and psychological tests have been conducted in most countries like USA, Germany and amazing results have come out. In the olden days, the heredity method was used to select the workforce with the aim of preventing power within families that affected the efficiency, reliability and quality of services. This concept changed when educated and progressive, open-minded people grew up and fought for rights and rendered extraordinary services to the country and mankind. After independence in 1974, the Selection Board was created to select the manpower who were willing to sacrifice their lives for the country bravely. Selection of candidates required three-dimensional assessments of candidates. ISSB in Pakistan has been created for this purpose.

The Inter-Service Board is a committee based on commissioned officers that only selects candidates for the Pakistan Armed Forces through various aptitude, psychological and personality tests. After qualifying these tests, they undergo training at military academies located at Kakul, Munora and Risalpur. There is an eligibility criteria that the candidates have to follow. Age 17-22 years required, graduate should be considered 17-23.in service army 17-25 with 5-4 height. The duration of the ISSB test is five days in which they go through the verification of documents and their equipment on fist days. Second day 1St Psychiatric test done

Word Association Test ISSB Online Solved PDF Download

With the help of the ISSB Word Association Test. In this test, words are given on the board and projector and the candidates have to make meaningful sentences. Through these words the selection committee analyzes your personality, personality traits, beliefs, likes and dislikes and your thinking about the events around you. Those who fail will not appear in the next examination. Indoor outdoor and interviews are being conducted on the third day. On the fourth day look for mutual assessment through various tasks.\

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The conference will be held on the fifth day. There is no particular form that presents. ISSB Preparation But some academies do it themselves for qualified candidates to get high marks. Word association test ISSB online also provides some help but don’t know if these words come in the test but good for brainstorming. A total of 100 words are given by the candidates to express the personality traits. How you behave, how you think, how you know things, how you discover things, what you feel within a limited time frame is quite a teachable task. Only 9 to 10 seconds are given after the word disappears from the projector.

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Word Association Test

There are words like love, duty, girl, food, work, decision, lie, fun, solution, story, break, defeat, give, caution, success, trust, fear, defeat, adult, accident, old, accept, sympathy, short , sink, target, sink, last, offer, ignore, protect, urgent, stress, cry, regret, think, criminal, character, laugh and so on. The main goal is to know what you think about the word when it appears and that it reflects your thinking and perspective on particular phenomena. Those who are qualifying this test have an opportunity to take the next test otherwise they will drop out.