Utility Stores Corporation (USC) timing in Ramadan 2024

The Punjab government has announced the working hours of utility stores across the province. Utility stores will open from 9:00 am onwards. 08:00 hrs Everyone working under existing conditions has to follow SOPs.

Under the Ramadan package, a 20 kg bag of flour will be available at Rs 800, sugar at Rs 68 per kg and ghee at Rs 170 per kg, tea leaves at Rs 50 per kg and white gram. 15 per kg, Rs 15-30 per kg on pulses, Rs 20 per kg on dates, Rs 10-12 per kg on rice, Rs 20 per kg on besan, and 10 per cent discount on spices.

The staff of the stores have been asked to strictly adhere to the timings so that people can benefit from the Ramadan package offered by USC.

Utility Stores Corporation (USC) timing in Ramadan 2024

According to the notification issued by the government, the stores will now be open from 9 am to 8 pm. People will also be able to go to shops after Iftar. The common man suffered the most due to Corona.

The Primary and Secondary Health Department has also issued a notification in this regard and said that this decision has been taken for the convenience of the people. However, people must continue to practice social distancing at stores. Most of the shops close at 05:00 pm under the lockdown policy.

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