ULC Ramadan Relief Package 2023 Price List

Islamabad: This year, under the Ramadan relief package, more than 4,000 utility stores across the country will be provided relief on 19 basic needs. Under this package, people can get a subsidy of up to Rs 3000 from utility store branches across the country by showing their National Identity Card.

ULC Ramadan Relief Package 2023 Price List

ULC Ramadan Relief Package 2023 Price List

According to the announcement, the price of a 20 kg bag of wheat flour in the open market will be around 20 rupees. 1100 to 1350 while under the package, a 20 kg bag of flour will be provided to the consumers at Rs.20. Sugar will be available at Rs 86 to Rs 93 in the open market. The price of one kg of subsidized ghee at utility stores is Rs 260, while the price of edible ghee in the open market is Rs 470. During Ramadan, the price of a liter of oil at stores will be Rs 407 instead of Rs 494.

ULC Ramadan Relief Package 2023 Price List

The federal government has announced 2.5 billion for the Ramadan package and 19 items are subsidized for retailing. Complete rate list is available at www.usc.org.pk. Ramadan packages available at attractive rates include dates, rice, gram flour, tea and pulses, while utility stores have introduced new rates on Friday.

Utility Stores Corporation (ULC) Ramadan Relief Package 2022

According to the announcement, under the Ramadan relief package, white gram which is sold at Rs 250 to 260 per kg in the open market will be available at Rs 213 at utility stores, besan at Rs 170 instead of Rs 190 to Rs 220, dal per kg will be available. . Grams at Rs 162, moong dal Rs 170 per kg, dal mash Rs 268, dal masoor Rs 215 and high quality dates at Rs 140 per kg will be available at all stores.

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet has approved the Rs 2.5 billion Ramadan relief package. In the ECC meeting presided over by Sher Haque Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, a Ramadan relief package of two and a half billion rupees was approved under which subsidy will be given on nineteen items at utility stores.

Ramadan Relief Package in Pakistan

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has announced the Ramadan Relief Package 2022 for the common man and the poor people of Pakistan. You can buy items at discounted rates from utility stores in Pakistan. The price reduction will be effective immediately.

Ramadan Relief Package 2021 Rate List

Under the Ramadan relief package, 19 basic commodities will be provided to the citizens, including sugar, flour, dal, white gram, masoor, dal, masoor, dal, dates, rice, basmati rice, broken rice, tea, ghee, oil, Besan, beverages, spices and tetra pack milk will be provided at discounted rates compared to the general market. New rates of subsidized items at utility stores have been fixed, during Ramadan, half a gram of dates has been reduced by Rs 10, besan by Rs 20 per kg, and 200 grams of red chillies by Rs 18. The price of rice was reduced from Rs 3 to Rs 5 per kg.

Ramadan Package Utility Stores 2022

During Ramadan, mill basin will be available at Rs 140 per kg after a reduction of Rs 20. Utility brand dal will cost Rs 265 to Rs 255 per kg. The price of 200 grams of red pepper has been reduced by Rs.18.

Prices of branded cooking oil and beverages have been reduced at utility stores, cooking oil has been reduced by Rs 9, the price reduction will be effective immediately. Price notification issued.

Now 200 grams of red chillies will be available for Rs 157 instead of Rs 175. 100 grams of turmeric Rs.35 to Rs.31, coriander powder from Rs.90 to Rs.81, and 50 grams of masala powder from Rs.64 to Rs.58. 50 grams of black pepper has gone from 57 to 51 rupees. . 100 grams of white powder will be available at Rs. 95 grams of tea will be available for 95 rupees. 91 after a reduction of 4:00 Rs.

Ramadan Package Rate List 2022

In the meeting, tax exemption on remittance of funds under Ehsaas program was also approved till June 30. The Economic Coordination Committee has also approved the release of supplementary grants, including a subsidy of Rs 84 crore.

According to the notification, the price of branded cooking oil at utility stores has been reduced by Rs 9 per kg. The price of cooking oil has come down from Rs 232 to Rs 223 per litre.

The Ministry of Industries and Production has proposed a Ramadan package worth Rs 6.3 billion, as the federal government is considering a plan to provide packages to utility stores.

Prime Minister’s relief package of 1200 billion rupees, it was decided to provide fifty billion rupees to Utility Stores Corporation. 10 billion has already been provided to the corporation to ensure that utility outlets have sufficient stock of essential items.

Utility Stores Ramadan Relief Package
1100 to 1350 Market rate 950 Rs Price of a 20 kg bag of wheat flour
86 to 93 Rs Market rate 85 Rs One kilogram of sugar
470 Rs Market rate 260 Rs Kilo subsidized ghee price
494 Rs Market rate 407 Rs Price of one liter of oil
250 to 260 rupees Open market 213 Rs White gram
190-220 Rs Open market 170 Rs gram flour
268 Rs Dal Musk 162 Rs Pulses
215 Rs Lentils 170 rupees per kg Dal Mung
(950 grams) Rs.1042 The tea 140 Rs High quality dates

A monitoring procedure will be devised at the district level regarding the availability of items at utility stores. Similarly, the price of one and a half liter bottle of soft drink of different companies has been reduced from Rs.5 to Rs.83 to Rs.78. And timely delivery that will facilitate the public from the launch of the package to the moonlit night. The public is requested to take precautionary measures against the Corona epidemic and shop at utility stores and cooperate with the staff in this regard.

There will be a subsidy of Rs 15 to Rs 20 on besan and pulses. Similarly, common commodities such as squash, sugar, tea and milk will be subsidized during Ramadan. USC has a network of 4200 outlets across the country.

Two hundred more outlets will be added in the next fifteen to twenty days. He said that we also plan to set up two hundred outlets after Ramadan focusing on rural areas. Ensuring product quality at utility outlets.

USC is providing clean, graded, hygienic, unadulterated real food and non-food items to the public and especially to the poorer sections of the society, at relatively cheaper rates than the market and providing them mutually. To provide a pleasant atmosphere of trust. to purchase them.

It also fulfills its responsibility to play its role as price regulator to provide economic relief to the public and prevent profiteering, hoarding and black marketing. Utility Stores Corporation will increase the number of mobile stores for the convenience of the public under this Ramadan relief package, which aims to bring essential items from the market to the doorsteps of the people at discounted rates.