Turkish Actress & Model Esra Bilgiç (Halime Sultan) HD Wallpapers 2024

Turkish Actress Halime Sultan HD Wallpapers 2024 included Halime Sultan Real picture taken from Halime Sultan Instagram for her fans. Turkish actress Isra Belgich is known as Halima Sultan in Pakistan.

The 29-year-old Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç is recognized for her excellent performance in the famous Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi.

Turkish Actress & Model Esra Bilgiç (Halime Sultan) HD Wallpapers 2024

Esra Bilgiç rose to fame with her excellent acting, unparalleled beauty and brilliant performance as Halima Sultan in the drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi. There are bright personalities who keep presenting their charming pictures with their fans. She is currently seen in the Turkish drama series “Cannes Topricolor” where she is joined by the actor Agar Givens who played the role of Tutkin in the drama series Ertugrul. The drama premiered on 29 September 2024.

Turkish Actress & Model Esra Bilgiç (Halime Sultan) HD Wallpapers 2024

Esra Belgic and Turkish model HD photo

The Turkish drama “Ertugrul Ghazi” is very popular in Pakistan and people are not only watching the drama but also expressing their feelings and love through the story and characters of the drama. Many Pakistanis have fallen in love with Halima Sultan after seeing her beauty and innocence.Turkish beautiful actress and drama Ertugrul actress Halima Sultan new photos.

Halime Sultan Real Name

Halime Sultan Real Name is Esra Bilgiç is a Turkish actress and model. She is born on 14th October 1992. She played the role of Halime Sultan in the Turkish Drama Ertuğrul Ghazi from 2014 to 2018. she is the foremost actress in the crime drama series Ramo.

Fans also wrote messages of appreciation to the actress in a black dress, saying she is beautiful and the best. She is famous all over the world including in Pakistan, often shares her charming and beautiful photos on social media. She also shares videos of her plays and works with fans.


Turkish Actress & Model Esra Bilgiç (Halime Sultan) HD Wallpapers 2024

The drama “Ertugrul Ghazi” was first aired on Turkish state TV in 2014. Before being dubbed in Urdu, the series has been dubbed in 60 different languages ​​and shown in different countries. In Pakistan, the drama is being shown on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

drama Ertugrul actress Halima Sultan new photos

Halime Sultan original Name:Esra Bilgiç

Halime Sultan Age: 28 years.

Film:Adaniş Kutsal Kavga

Turkish crime-drama TV series: Ramo


Halime Hatun Real Picture

She played Best Female Actress the lead role of Halima Sultan in the Drama Ertugrul Ghazi. Halime Sultan Pics are the ones she recently took for a Pakistani magazine. The new pictures of the Turkish actress won the hearts of her fans. Halime Sultan Real LifeStyle. The picture of Turkish actress Isra Belgich was well-received great interaction by the fans.

New photos of Turkish actress Halime Sultan

She has recently become a brand ambassador of a Pakistani mobile company.

Turkish Actress & Model Esra Bilgiç (Halime Sultan) HD Wallpapers 2020