The moon of Ramadan was sighted in Pakistan.

A meeting of the Central Sawing of the Crescent Committee has been convened in Peshawar to see the moon of Ramadan in the country. According to the Spokesman of Religious Affairs, the meeting of the central Sighting of the Crescent Committee will be held on the evening of March 22, in which a decision will be taken regarding the moon of Ramadan. Meetings of zonal committees will be held in the respective offices.

The moon of Ramadan was sighted in Pakistan.

Former Professor of Astronomy at Al-Qasim University in Saudi Arabia and Deputy Chairman of the Meteorological Society, Dr. Abdullah Al-Musnad, said that this year Ramadan is likely to begin on March 23. Earlier, Ibrahim Al-Jarwan said that the United Arab Emirates Astronomical Association He also said that there is a strong possibility that the first day of Ramadan this year will be on March 23. There is a strong possibility that the start of Ramadan will be on the same day this year, including in Pakistan.

The moon of Ramadan was seen in Pakistan News

For the month of Ramadan, the meeting of the central Sighting Hilal Committee will be held in Peshawar on Tuesday, April 13. . The announcement of the moon will be decided. Representatives of Meteorological Department and Ministry of Science and Technology will also participate in the meeting.

The Zonal Committee meeting of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) will be held at Ministry of Religious Affairs building near General Post Office (GPO), Islamabad. All information regarding the position of the crescent can be forwarded to the Chairman Central Viewing of the Crescent Committee on cell number 0300-9285203. 0321-202400. Information regarding moon sighting can be given on cell number 0333-5453499. 0333-2697051; 021-99261412; 021-99261413 (Meat Department).