The best method of travel prayer in Urdu

The best method of travel prayer in Urdu

Method of Islamic Travel Prayer in Urdu:

If you intend to travel 48 miles from where you live, and if the intention of this journey is for work for 15 days, then it is obligatory to offer the short prayer. Aoor Agar Aap Ka Irada(NeeAt) 15 Din sey Zaieed Rehney Ka Hee Too Phir QASAR Namaaz Naheen Bal-key Poori Namaaz Pahre Jayee Ge.

(Whether you stay for a day or a lunar day and come back) Note: This issue is of Hanafi jurisprudence (in which all Sunni Hazrats (Barelvi, Deobandi, etc.) come) and if you want to ask someone else, Barai. Please let me know, our key will also be told in Bigi

Buki Jo Aap Ni Baat Ki is a modern-day equivalent. ,,,,,,

In the Han method, changes were made in accordance with palaces and settlements. Earlier people used to travel by Aunt and Ghoron and it took a lot of time, but nowadays, they travel by BAS, ship etc. and the time takes a few minutes. But the rules are the same.

The best way to pray while traveling

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