Tezgam Express Train Timings and Routes

Tezgam Express Train Timings. Do you intend to take the Tezgam Express train? Are you curious about its schedule and routes? Look nowhere else! We will give you all the pertinent information about the Tezgam Express train, including its schedule, routes, and other crucial facts, in this article. So let’s get going!

Tezgam Express Train Timings and Routes

Tezgam Express Train Timings and Routes

Popular in Pakistan and renowned for its comfort and dependability is Tezgam Express. It has been serving passengers for several years and is run by Pakistan Railways. The railway connects several cities and towns, allowing passengers to have a comfortable journey while discovering the country’s natural beauty.

7UP Tezgam Express Train Timings

Detailed information on Tezgam train schedules for all stops. Tezgam is a daily express passenger train that runs between Rawalpindi and Karachi. Timings for Tezgam trains at all stops, per the most recent Pakistan Railway timetable. The most recent Pakistani railway train’s entire timetable, stop information, and stoppage details are for Tezgam.

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
2 HYDERABAD JN 20:15 20:23
3 TANDO ADAM 21:09 21:11
4 SHAHDADPUR 21:28 21:30
5 NAWABSHAH JN. 22:00 22:03
6 MAHRABPUR 23:07 23:09
7 KHAIRPUR 00:10 00:12
8 ROHRI JN. 01:00 01:25
9 RAHIM YAR KHAN 03:31 03:33
10 KANPUR JN. 04:25 04:30
11 BAHAWALPUR 06:05 06:09
12 MULTAN CANTT 07:35 07:55
13 KHANEWAL JN 08:45 08:50
14 MIAN CHANNON 09:22 09:24
15 CHICHAWATNI 09:50 09:52
16 SAHIWAL 10:35 10:37
17 OKARA 11:03 11:05
18 PATTOKI 11:39 11:41
19 RAIWIND JN. 12:15 12:20
20 LAHORE JN. 13:15 13:45
21 GUJRANWALA 14:40 14:45
22 WAZIRABAD JN 15:20 15:22
23 GUJRAT 15:39 15:41
24 LALA MUSA JN. 16:03 16:05
25 JHELUM 16:42 16:44
26 GUJAR KHAN 18:02 18:04
27 CHAK LALA 18:53 18:55
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8DN Tezgam Express Train Timings

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
2 CHAK LALA 08:09 08:11
3 GUJAR KHAN 08:51 08:53
4 JHELUM 10:09 10:11
5 LALA MUSA JN. 10:42 10:47
6 GUJRAT 11:06 11:08
7 WAZIRABAD JN 11:31 11:33
8 GUJRANWALA 12:00 12:05
9 LAHORE JN. 13:05 13:35
10 RAIWIND JN. 14:15 14:20
11 PATTOKI 14:54 14:56
12 OKARA 15:30 15:32
13 SAHIWAL 16:11 16:13
14 CHICHAWATNI 16:46 16:48
15 MIAN CHANNON 17:14 17:16
16 KHANEWAL JN 17:55 18:00
17 MULTAN CANTT 18:45 19:05
18 BAHAWALPUR 20:26 20:30
19 KANPUR JN. 22:10 22:15
20 RAHIM YAR KHAN 22:47 22:49
21 ROHRI JN. 01:25 01:50
22 KHAIRPUR 02:26 02:28
23 MAHRABPUR 03:22 03:24
24 NAWABSHAH JN. 05:05 05:07
25 SHAHDADPUR 06:01 06:03
26 TANDO ADAM 06:23 06:25
27 HYDERABAD JN 07:07 07:12
28 LANDHI JN. 08:55 08:57
29 DRIGH ROAD 09:28 09:30

Schedule of the Tezgam Express Train

Knowing the train’s schedule is essential for making an informed travel decision. To ensure punctuality and the comfort of passengers, the Tezgam Express runs on a clear set schedule. The train departs from its starting station and travels according to a set schedule to get where it’s going. Here is an example of the Tezgam Express schedule:

8:00 AM departure time from the starting point
10:00–10:15 Stoppage at Intermediate Stations
04:00 PM Arrival at Destination Station
Please note that the schedule can change due to unanticipated events, weather, maintenance needs, or other considerations. The most recent information on the Tezgam Express train timetable should be found by visiting the official website or calling the Pakistan Railways hotline.

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Express Routes in Tezgam

Lahore to Karachi
Rawalpindi to Lahore
Multan to Rawalpindi
Hyderabad to Multan
Karachi to Hyderabad
These are but a few instances of the routes that the Tezgam Express service covers. To give passengers convenient travel alternatives, the train makes stops at several intermediate stations along these itineraries.

Services and Amenities

Compartments with and without air conditioning
a comfortable set-up for the seats
restrooms that are tidy and sanitary
On-board eating options include a range of food.
blankets and bedding for overnight trips
electronic gadget charging ports
Friendly and accommodating personnel
Additionally, passengers have access to extra services including luggage storage, wheelchair help, and medical facilities as needed. The train is a great option for both tourists and locals because it is made to accommodate the demands of passengers of all ages.

Reserving and Booking Tickets

It is advised to purchase your tickets in advance to guarantee a seat on the Tezgam Express. The official website of Pakistan Railways, smartphone applications, and visiting the closest train station are all options for making reservations and reserving tickets. By making reservations in advance, you can be confident that your seat is reserved and stay hassle-free.

Security and Safety Precautions

Regular security checks on the train and at stations
CCTV cameras on board with trained security personnel for increased monitoring
Systems for responding to emergencies and medical aid
Passengers are given safety information and rules.
Additionally, passengers are reminded to adhere to safety precautions, such as keeping their possessions secure and immediately reporting any suspicious behaviour or things to the authorities.

Advice for a Relaxed Journey

In a handy bag, place important belongings including toiletries, prescription drugs, and travel documents.
The temperature on the train can change, so wear comfortable clothing and bring a lightweight jacket or shawl.
Bring some entertainment with you, such as books, magazines, or music, to keep yourself occupied while travelling.
Carry a water bottle with you to relieve your thirst and stay hydrated.
Keep the railway rooms tidy and show consideration for other passengers.
You can be sure that your trip on the Tezgam Express will be pleasurable and pleasant by paying attention to these suggestions.

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Interesting Tezgam Express Facts

One of Pakistan’s oldest railway services, the Tezgam Express has a long history that spans several decades.
The train’s name, “Tezgam,” which means “fast running” in Urdu, reflects its intention to offer quick and effective transportation.
The Tezgam Express is renowned for its beautiful routes, which provide travellers with stunning views of the Pakistani countryside.
Due to its accessibility and luxurious travel alternatives, it has become increasingly popular with both tourists and residents.

FAQs about Tezgam Express Train Timings and Routes

Q. How can I purchase Tezgam Express tickets?

Ans. Online reservations for the Tezgam Express can be made via Pakistan Railways’ official website, mobile applications, or by stopping by the closest train station.

Q. Do the Tezgam Express’s compartments have air conditioning?

Ans. Yes, to accommodate customer choices, the Tezgam Express offers both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned compartments.

Q. Can I use the meal options offered by the Tezgam Express?

Ans. Yes, there are several meal options available for guests to pick from while dining on board the train.

Q. Do the Tezgam Express’s routes include any stops?

Ans. Yes, the Tezgam Express offers customers easy travel alternatives by making stops at several intermediate stations along its travels.

Q. How many years has the Tezgam Express been running?

Ans. One of Pakistan’s longest-running train services, the Tezgam Express has been carrying people for many years.

In conclusion, those wishing to explore Pakistan while travelling in comfort and convenience should strongly consider the Tezgam Express. This train service offers an excellent means of transportation for both short and long-distance trips thanks to its precise schedule and a wide network of routes. Therefore, reserve your seats right away and set out on a special journey with the Tezgam Express.

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