Sui Northern Gas New Tariff April 2023

Faisalabad: The new tariff of Sui Northern Gas has been implemented from January 1, 2023, the various tariff slabs have been increased from 8 to 112 percent in a phased manner, the recovery of arrears in gas rates has also started from this month. Is. Arrears bills are being sent to domestic, commercial and industrial customers whose bill was Rs 871 now with arrears of Rs 2900.

Sui Northern Gas New Tariff April 2023

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) is one of the largest natural gas suppliers in Pakistan. The company recently announced new tariffs that will be effective from April 1, 2023. The new tariffs are expected to have a significant impact on consumers across the country. We will discuss the details of the new tariff and its potential impact on households and businesses in Pakistan.

Sui Northern Gas New Tariff April 2023

New Tariff Details

From November to February, the gas heater and geyser users will be billed several times higher while the new bills will also be billed in 4 installments of arrears. SNGPL has been supplying natural gas to domestic and commercial consumers in Pakistan for many years. The company operates an extensive network of pipelines and storage facilities across the country. The new tariff is proposed in light of rising cost of natural gas production and distribution in Pakistan.

The new tariff proposed by SNGPL includes a fixed charge and a variable charge. The fixed charge will be the same for all consumers irrespective of their consumption. However, the variable charge will vary depending on the amount of natural gas consumed by the customer.

The new tariffs are likely to have a significant impact on domestic consumers. The increase in fixed and variable charges is expected to significantly increase the monthly bill for natural gas consumption. The impact will be felt more on low-income households or those who consume large amounts of natural gas.

The new tariff proposed by SNGPL is likely to have a significant impact on consumers across Pakistan. An increase in natural gas prices can lead to increased production costs, increased inflation and burdens on low-income households. However, there are potential solutions that consumers can explore to mitigate the impact of the new tariffs.

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