Subak Kharam Train Timings And Routes

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Subak Kharam Train Timings And Routes

Subak Kharam Time Training And Routes

For efficient journey planning, having access to precise rail schedules is essential. It enables you to plan your day so that you get to the station in plenty of time to catch the train of your choice. You can anticipate your travel time and make appropriate plans for your day if you are aware of the Subak Kharam train schedule.

103UP Subak Kharam Train Timings

Detailed information about the Subak Khram Express train schedule for each stop. A daily express passenger train called the Subak Khram runs between Lahore and Rawalpindi. Timings for Subak Khram Express trains at all of its stops as of the most recent Pakistan Railway timetable. The most recent Pakistani railway train time for Subak Khram Express includes a full timetable, stop information, and stoppage details.

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Station Name Arrival Departure
1 LAHORE JN. 16:30
2 GUJRANWALA 17:25 17:27
3 WAZIRABAD JN 17:55 17:57
4 GUJRAT 18:21 18:23
5 LALA MUSA JN. 18:44 18:46
6 JHELUM 19:20 19:22
7 CHAK LALA 21:18 21:20

104DN  Subak Kharam Train Timings

Station Name Arrival Departure
2 CHAK LALA 16:38 16:40
3 GUJAR KHAN 17:20 17:22
4 JHELUM 18:31 18:33
5 LALA MUSA JN. 19:15 19:17
6 GUJRAT 19:34 19:36
7 WAZIRABAD JN 19:56 19:58
8 GUJRANWALA 20:25 20:27
9 LAHORE JN. 21:35

Early Morning Departures for Morning Trains

Subak Kharam offers a variety of trains leaving between [insert time range] to accommodate early morning travellers. For those who need to get at their destination before the workday begins or who prefer to travel during quieter times, these early morning trains are very useful.

 Rush-hour traffic

Subak Kharam runs extra trains during peak hours to handle the rush of passengers. When people commute to their places of employment or school, the peak hour rush often occurs between [insert time range]. To guarantee a seat, it is essential to schedule your trip in advance and show up early at the station

 Departures at Noon

The Subak Kharam trains’ midday departures give travellers who prefer to begin their journey after the morning rush options. Because these trains run between [insert time period], customers may organise their days accordingly and have a relaxing trip when it’s less busy.


Subak Kharam provides a selection of trains that depart between [insert time period] if you prefer to travel off-peak. For those who prefer to travel comfortably and avoid crowds, these off-peak times are great. Travelling off-peak can improve your experience, whether you are commuting or touring the area.

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Fifth, Evening Trains

Subak Kharam is aware of how crucial convenient transportation alternatives are for the nighttime commute. Trains running at this time are built to carry passengers going home from work or enjoying leisure activities. The evening trains typically run between [insert time range], guaranteeing customers a comfortable journey.

 Night time Departures

There are just a few trains available from Subak Kharam between [insert time period] for people who need to travel late at night. These trains are designed for people who like to travel at night or who have certain needs. It is wise to verify whether late-night trains are offered and adjust your travel schedule accordingly.

 Trains on Saturday

To accommodate weekend travellers, Subak Kharam offers a Saturday timetable that is specifically tailored to their needs. The Saturday trains provide handy options for both quick trips and lengthy journeys between [insert time range]. The Saturday train itinerary will cover all of your needs, whether you’re on a day trip or visiting a new location.

Sunday Timetable

To handle the weekend traffic, Subak Kharam offers a different timetable on Sundays. The Sunday trains ensure that travellers may easily get home or start an exciting day by running between [insert time range]. For a seamless travel experience, be sure to plan your Sunday trip and take use of the available alternatives.

 Holiday Schedule

Subak Kharam modifies its train schedule to accommodate the increased demand for travel during vacations and festival times. To make sure you get the most recent information, it is advisable to verify the precise holiday timings closer to the time of your trip. Planning beforehand and being aware of the holiday schedule will help you have a stress-free trip.

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FAQS about Subak Kharam Train Timings And Routes

Q: How can I check the Subak Kharam train timings?

Ans. You can check the Subak Kharam train timings through various sources, including the official Subak Kharam website, mobile applications, or by contacting their customer service. Additionally, many online travel platforms provide updated train schedules for your convenience.

Q: Do Subak Kharam trains operate on public holidays?

Ans. Yes, Subak Kharam trains operate on public holidays; however, there may be adjustments to the schedule to accommodate the increased demand or specific circumstances. It is recommended to check the holiday timings in advance.

Q: Can I book Subak Kharam train tickets in advance?

Ans. Yes, Subak Kharam allows passengers to book train tickets in advance. You can book tickets through their official website, mobile applications, or designated ticket counters at the station. Advance booking is recommended, especially during peak travel seasons.

Q: Are there any discounts available for Subak Kharam train tickets?

Ans. Subak Kharam occasionally offers promotional discounts or special fares for certain routes or occasions. It is advisable to visit their official website or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on any ongoing offers or discounts.

Q: Can I get a refund for my Subak Kharam train ticket if I cancel my journey?

Ans. Refund policies for Subak Kharam train tickets may vary depending on the ticket type and cancellation time. It is recommended to review the refund policy or contact Subak Kharam’s customer service for specific information regarding ticket cancellations and refunds.


In conclusion, having access to accurate Subak Kharam train timings is essential for a convenient and well-planned journey. Whether you are commuting for work, exploring new destinations, or enjoying a weekend getaway, understanding the train schedule will help you make the most of your travel experience. Plan ahead, arrive at the station on time, and embark on a memorable journey with Subak Kharam.

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