Shalimar Express Train Timings And Routes

Shalimar Express Train Timings. Do you need to know the Shalimar Express train’s schedule in order to prepare for a trip? Look nowhere else! In order to make your journey easy and well-planned, we will give you all the necessary information about the Shalimar Express train timings in this article.

Shalimar Express Train Timings And Routes

In Pakistan, there is a well-known railway service called the Shalimar Express. It is renowned for being on time and providing a comfortable ride. Knowing the train schedules will enable you to make an informed travel decision, whether you are a local commuter or a visitor.

Shalimar Express Train Timings And Routes


27UP Shalimar Express Train Timings

You’ve arrived to the correct place if you’re seeking for details on the 27UP Shalimar Express train schedule. We will give you all the information about the 27UP Shalimar Express train’s schedule that you require in this page so that you can effectively plan your trip.

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
2 DRIGH ROAD 06:20 06:22
3 HYDERABAD JN 08:15 08:20
4 NAWABSHAH JN. 09:41 09:43
5 ROHRI JN. 12:25 12:40
6 RAHIM YAR KHAN 14:55 14:57
7 BAHAWALPUR 17:20 17:22
8 KHANEWAL JN 19:00 19:23
9 FAISALABAD 21:45 21:50
10 LAHORE JN. 23:55
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28DN Shalimar Express Train Timings

Planning a journey on the 28DN Shalimar Express train? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the timings of the 28DN Shalimar Express train, ensuring that your travel plans go smoothly.

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
1 LAHORE JN. 06:00
2 FAISALABAD 08:10 08:15
3 KHANEWAL JN 10:45 11:08
4 BAHAWALPUR 12:12 12:14
5 RAHIM YAR KHAN 14:24 14:26
6 ROHRI JN. 17:10 17:25
7 NAWABSHAH JN. 19:52 19:54
8 HYDERABAD JN 21:50 21:55
9 LANDHI JN. 00:00 00:02
10 DRIGH ROAD 00:30 00:32


Review of Shalimar Express

Between the two largest cities in Pakistan, Lahore and Karachi, the Shalimar Express operates every day. For travellers moving between these two locations, it is an easy and economical form of transit. With a variety of services and conveniences, the train offers a cosy and delightful ride.

Shalimar Express Schedule

At Lahore Junction, the Shalimar Express train leaves at six in the morning and arrives at Karachi Cantt. around seven in the evening. About 13 hours are spent on the trip in total. It runs every day of the week, ensuring that passengers receive reliable and consistent service.

Stations of Departure and Arrival

The Shalimar Express departs from Lahore Junction, which is found in the provincial capital of Punjab, Lahore. Major railway station Lahore Junction has contemporary amenities and is easily accessible.

The Shalimar Express arrives at Karachi Cantt., which is located in Pakistan’s major city of Karachi. The city of Karachi is well connected, making it simple for travellers to get where they need to go from Karachi Cantt.

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Shalimar Express Route No. 5

The Shalimar Express travels a beautiful route that lets passengers take in Pakistan’s natural splendour. The train travels through a number of towns and cities, including Hyderabad, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, Multan, and Rohri.

 Ticket Purchase and Cost

Passengers can purchase tickets in advance for the Shalimar Express by going to the Pakistan Railways’ official website or stopping by the closest railway ticket office. To minimise any hassle, it is advised to purchase your tickets in advance, especially during the busiest travel times.

Depending on the class of travel, the Shalimar Express cost varies. The train offers a variety of classes, including Economy, Business, and AC Sleeper, to accommodate travellers’ differing financial needs.

Amenities and Infrastructure

The Shalimar Express offers a variety of services and facilities to passengers to provide a relaxing and delightful voyage. There are cosy seats, spotless compartments, and clean, well-kept restrooms on the train. Additionally available to passengers is onboard catering, which serves delectable meals and beverages.

Additionally, the train has electrical outlets for electronic devices, guaranteeing that travellers can maintain connectivity while travelling. Passengers can always get help from the courteous and knowledgeable train employees with any questions or problems.

Security and Safety Steps

On the Shalimar Express, patrons’ safety and security are of the highest priority. To ensure a secure ride, the train abides by stringent safety regulations and takes all required security precautions. In order to maintain constant supervision, CCTV cameras have been put in the communal spaces and compartments.

It is suggested that travellers maintain their possessions safe and avoid leaving valuables unattended. It is also advised to notify the train employees or police right away if you notice something odd.

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Advice for a Relaxed Journey

Here are some suggestions to bear in mind to enhance your comfort and enjoyment when travelling on the Shalimar Express:

To avoid any last-minute traffic, get to the station early.
Bring the necessities, including toiletries, cosy clothing, and any prescription medications.
Bring some food and water bottles with you for the trip.
Keep your identity, tickets, and travel documents close to hand.
To ensure a comfortable ride, adhere to the staff’s directions and directives.

FAQS about Shalimar Express Train Timings And Routes

Q. How do I purchase tickets for the Shalimar Express online?
Ans. Yes, you can purchase Shalimar Express tickets online on Pakistan Railways’ official website.

Q. Does the Shalimar Express offer Wi-Fi?
Ans. The Shalimar Express does not currently have Wi-Fi capabilities.

Q. Do family sections have their own areas?
Ans. To protect their privacy and comfort, the Shalimar Express does provide separate compartments for families.

Q. After purchasing a ticket, can I modify the date I’ll be travelling?
Ans. By getting in touch with the Pakistan Railways booking office or through the company’s website, you can amend your travel date.

Q. Are there any child discounts offered?
Ans. On the Shalimar Express, youngsters do indeed receive cheaper prices.

In conclusion, the Shalimar Express train offers a dependable and practical means of getting from Lahore to Karachi. Knowing the train schedules and other crucial information can help you organise your trip efficiently and enjoy a relaxing trip. To ensure a smooth and pleasurable journey, be sure to purchase your tickets in advance and adhere to the following advice.

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