Shab Barat New Latest HD Wallpaper 2023

Shab Barat New Latest HD Wallpaper 2023

The moon of the Islamic month of Shaban was not seen in Pakistan. The first Shaban 143 Hijri will be on March 5, 2023, Shab Barat will be on March 19. Remember that Shaban is the eighth month of the year according to the Hijri calendar, after which comes Ramadan.

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Muslims will spend the night praying in mosques and homes, reciting the Holy Quran and asking Allah for long life, peace, progress and happiness for themselves, their families, relatives and friends as well as the country and nation. . Muslim Ummah On the occasion of Shab-e-Barat, Muslims around the world will offer prayers.
They consider Shab-e-Barat to be one of the three holiest nights and believe that on this night Allah decides the fate of all human beings and determines their ‘Rizq’ (sustenance) for the next year.

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