Sakanjabeen Recipe In Urdu How To Make Shikanjabeen Drink

This drink of Sakanjabeen is also named the lemonade drink. It is one of the refreshing drinks. You can have this drink at any time. If you will drink it with an empty stomach right early in the morning then you will see great and best change in your body shape. This drink made from lemon helps people to lose weight in an easy way. If you do not know how can you make this Sakanjabeen drink then we can tell you its recipe. The details of the Sakanjabeen Recipe In Urdu are here, it is quite easy to make. You only need some lemons and water to make this delicious drink. Have it in the morning, noon or evening, time and feel refreshing enough all day.

So to make this Shikanjabeen Drink, you need about 3 to 5 lemons. Get fresh lemons for this drink so that more juice can be extracted from them. You need 6 cups of cold water. Avoid taking warm water, otherwise real taste of this drink will be lost. Get 3 to 4 cups of sugar and add salt according to your taste. There are simple and easy-to-grab ingredients to make this tasty drink.

Sakanjabeen Recipe In Urdu How To Make Shikanjabeen Drink

This drink will just take 2 minutes of yours and you will then be able to sip the most delicious drink all made by you. Take the lemons first and cut them in half. Now you have to Squeeze these lemons so that you can pour out and extract their juice. Take a 2-quart pitcher and add this lemon juice into it along with the cups of cold water.

Add sugar and keep on stirring until the sugar gets mixed properly. Make sure that the sugar gets completely and wholly dissolved. It is up to you to add more or less lemon juice and sugar to this drink of yours. Chill this drink as much as you can before you serve this lemonade drink to your guests.

Sakanjabeen Recipe In Urdu

Now, you should try this recipe at your home. It is simple to take. Take a sip of it and you will feel much freshness and coolness factor in you. Serve it to your friends in a chilled form and let them feel that coolness and freshness in their bodies too

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