Ramazan ul Mubarak Moon Sighted in UAE & Saudi Arabia.

The UAE Government has announced public and private sector holidays for the year 2024, in which the Eid al-Fitr holidays will be from April 8 to April 12, while the Eid al-Adha holidays will be from June 16 to June 18. Other holidays in the UAE in 2024 include New Year on January 1, the first day of the Islamic year on July 7, Arafah on June 15, Milad al-Nabi on September 15 and National Day holidays on December 2-3.

Ramazan-ul-Mubarak in UAE Ramazan ul Mubarak Moon Sighted in UAE & Saudi Arabia.

The moon of Ramadan has appeared in the European country France. The Muslim community across the country will observe the first fast on Saturday, April 2. Due to a reduction in the corona virus, Taraweeh prayers will be held in French mosques this year after a two-year hiatus. It should be noted that the first fast will be observed on Saturday in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and United Kingdom.

Most of the Arab, European, American and Canadian Muslims start the holy month with Saudi Arabia.

A global Ramadan fasting map released by the Abu Dhabi-based International Astronomy Centre showed the average fasting hours during Ramadan, which starts towards the end of June, are as long as 15 hours in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

1st Ramadan in UAE & Saudi Arabia

Ramadan Mubarak 2014 new wallpapers

The moon of Ramadan has appeared in Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi Supreme Council, the month of Ramadan has been observed in the kingdom, due to which the first fast will be on Saturday. In addition, other Gulf countries, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar will also have the first fast today. Today will also be the first fast in Europe and England. Remember that the meeting of Ruwit Hilal Committee in Pakistan will be held today. It is being speculated that the first fast in Pakistan may be on Sunday.

Reduced working hours are expected in the UAE during Ramadan. Some schools will have holidays for up to two weeks during Ramadan. Spring break in many schools in the country is coming this time during Ramadan. Ramadan is likely to start this time from the sighting of the moon on March 23 and end on April 21. UAE School Timings Last year, Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority directed that there should be no more than five hours of education during the holy month. This year, schools are expected to reduce their working hours during Ramadan. During this period six hours per day or 36 hours per week will be allowed to work.