Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) Registration Notice

Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) Registration Notice

Punjab Health Care Commission The date has been extended. Registration for licensing In Punjab you can take it Registration and licensing forms From Punjab Healthcare Commission Official Website/Punjab Healthcare Commission Office.

The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) is an autonomous health regulatory body established under the PHC Act, 2010. The objective of PHC is to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare service delivery by all public and private healthcare establishments (HCEs) including allopaths, homeopaths and others. Tubbs in Punjab province. The PHC is responsible for developing and implementing Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS) at all levels of health care, to improve the quality of health care services and the culture of clinical governance. can be promoted. All healthcare establishments are required to implement MSDS to obtain a license to provide healthcare services in Punjab.

A certificate of registration is issued to the healthcare service provider after he fills the required PHC registration form with all necessary details and submits it to the commission.

Provisional Licensing

The healthcare service provider shall submit an application on the prescribed license form, complete in all respects as prescribed by the PHC, along with the prescribed documents and fees. The PHC will issue a provisional license to the healthcare establishment on receipt of the license form.

Conditional licensing

A conditional license will be issued by the Commission to an applicant who has already been granted a provisional license but does not meet the full range of standards after inspection. For a conditional license the overall inspection score should not be less than 60% and the rating score of individual indicators should not be less than 50%.

Regular Licensing:

A regular license will be issued by the Commission to an applicant whose application has been accepted by the Commission after inspection and has complied with the PHC Act, 2010, Licensing Regulations as well as Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS). ) in full compliance with the provisions of .

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