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KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has announced a mark-up subsidy from the Government of Pakistan for providing affordable housing loans.
Prime Minister Imran Khan gave approvalPrime Minister’s Successful Youth ProgrammeTo help realize the government’s vision for youth empowerment and welfare. Under the Prime Minister’s Successful Youth programme, measures will be taken to provide educational opportunities to the youth as well as equip them with various skills and develop their skills to find jobs.

Successful Youth Program Eligibility Criteria and Application Form

Eligibility Criteria and Application Form for Prime Minister Imran Khan Success, Young Programme

The Succeed Pakistan Program is a very important project that has extraordinary potential to transform the lives of the poorest sections of the society.

The details of the prime minister successful young loan are given on the Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan web portal.

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Skilled Pakistan (Skills for All) Programme

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Green Youth Movement Program

Startup Pakistan Program

National Internship Program

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Successful_Young Program 2022 level

The successful youth program has three levels.

1- Interest free loan
2- Micro concessional loans without collateral
3- With small concessional loans

The Government of Pakistan is well aware of this situation and the Prime Minister is fully committed to enable youth through successful young SMEs to get affordable financing from banks to set up new businesses or strengthen their existing businesses.

How to Apply for Prime Minister Successful Youth Program Online

Prime Minister’s Loan Scheme; Youth Loan Procedure, Application Form can be obtained from branches and websites of National Bank, Bank of Punjab and Bank of Khyber.

Youth Business Loan Scheme. The Youth Business Loan Scheme will be revamped. Successful Youth Program To create 1 million jobs for the youth in the next five years.

The Prime Minister’s Successful Youth Scheme will create an environment in the country that will facilitate the youth to take the next big step in their lives. With its clear focus on education, empowerment and engagement, it will create future leaders.


State Bank has asked other commercial banks to be part of the programme. Loans under this program will be released for schemes that meet the criteria set by the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority, as well as for projects designed by the private sector. The loan application form for Prime Minister Loan Scheme will be completed within 15 days, under this program loans can be given for new businesses as well as expansion of existing businesses.

Prime Minister Successive Jawan Loan Program Successive Jawan online registration method is given here. Government of Pakistan will provide markup subsidy for construction and purchase of new houses in line with its vision of providing affordable housing to people. Under this facility all those who are building or buying their home for the first time. They will be able to get bank loans at discounted and cheap markup rates.

Eligibility Criteria:

All male/female CNIC holders, aged between 21 to 45 years and with entrepreneurial capacity are eligible. For IT/e-commerce related businesses, the minimum age limit will be 18 years. Small businesses (startups and existing businesses) as defined by State Bank and owned by youth are also eligible for Prime Minister Youth Loan Successive Youth as per the above mentioned age criteria. Prime Minister Youth Loan Form For IT/e-commerce related businesses, minimum matriculation and/or minimum six months experience.

Details of Prime Minister’s Successful Jawan Karda Scheme:

The details of the Prime Minister’s Successful Jawan Loan Scheme are given on the Prime Minister’s Successful Jawan Program form.

Complete details of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s successful youth loan program

PM Succeeding Jawan Program Form Apply Online

Application Form

The form will be in both English and Urdu languages ​​and will require minimum essential information in a simple format to apply online for the Prime Minister’s Successful Youth Program.

The processing time will not exceed 15 days and will be clearly mentioned in the application form for the Prime Minister’s Successful Youth Loan Program.

The forms will be readily available both through the branches and specific websites of the banks. The non-refundable form processing fee will be Rs. 100 (one hundred rupees only). Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme 2022 Last Date

Banks are also advised that with the launch of the successful Prime Minister’s SME Loan Programme, the Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan (PMYBL) scheme will cease to exist.

Prime Minister Imran Khan successful young SME loan program

Youth loan application form can be submitted directly online only on successful web portal. Prime Minister’s successful youth program to mainstream youth. Enlightenment aims to reach fulfillment through employment opportunities and vocational training.

How to Apply for Prime Minister’s Successful Youth Program for Interest Free Loans:

Prime Minister Youth Loan PM Successful Youth can apply through the web portal. Please enter valid CNIC and its issue date, otherwise, your application will not be submitted due to verification. All data submitted through this form will not ensure approval of bank loans unless you meet the eligibility criteria i.e. the evaluation criteria of the concerned bank. Prime Minister Portal is given here.

Prime Minister Succeeding Young Programme

Prime Minister Young Program Bank Loan Form

The following online digital platform has been created to ensure transparency of the program and access to information for the youth.

Online Registration for PM Success Jawan Program

Pakistan Citizen Portal Application For support and complaints about this program

This form is free. No payment should be made.

Application Form for Prime Minister’s Successful Youth Programme

The federal cabinet approved. Successful Youth Program. The federal cabinet approved. Successful Youth Program To economically empower the youth. This was announced by Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan during a media briefing in Islamabad. kamyab.jawan program details:

Under the program, youths can get loans ranging from one lakh to five lakh rupees in two categories. Under the first category, banks will provide loans up to Rs 500,000 at a six per cent markup with 10 per cent of the amount applied as loan equity. Under the second category, an applicant can avail a loan of up to five lakh rupees at an eight percent markup and an equity ratio of 20 percent.

The following banks have been contacted by government authorities:

State Bank of Pakistan
National Bank of Pakistan
Bank of Punjab
Bank of Khyber

Prime Minister’s National Internship Program to empower youth with access to skills, training and finance.

Success/Joan Program is part of Prime Minister’s Youth Programme. The program aims to create 1 million job opportunities through the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector which will empower the youth economically. Important information and instructions

Please provide required information in all sections. All sections are compulsory.

All completed and submitted applications will be processed within 15 working days.

For all complaints, inquiries, or convenience please visit

Prime Minister’s Successful Young SME Loan Programme:

Online Registration Process of First Phase of Prime Minister Successful Youth Program 2022

Prime Minister Imran Khan successfully launched the ‘PM Youth Loan Scheme’ to empower the youth of the country mainly through several institutional mechanisms like National Youth Council, Employment Database, Exchange Platform as well as Business Loans and Internship Programmes. ‘Jawan Programme’. Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme 2022 will include various programs for creating education and employment opportunities and skill development to constructively utilize the talents of the youth.

Prime Minister Loan Scheme 2022

Successful candidates who applied for business loans.

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How to Track Your Loan Application

The Success/Joan program integrated the Youth Economic Development Empowerment Program, PM Green Youth Movement, PM Startup Pakistan, Internship Program, Hiranmand Program, and Success Youth Employment Exchange Program.


Interest free loan

Merit based loans

Detailed details about availing loan under Prime Minister “Kayab Jawan” programme

6 fixed targets under the Prime Minister’s Successful Youth Program
– Mainstreaming the marginalized youth
– Employment and economic empowerment
– Engaging citizens
– Providing social security
– Health and wellness
– Youth focused reforms

The program is running successfully and large number of loan applications are being received through SMS. Loans are being distributed to eligible applicants after fulfilling the required conditions.