Position Holders Of 2nd Year 2023 DG Khan Board 12th Class Intermediate Part 2

All concerned students of DG Khan Board can catchup with information about Position Holders Of 2nd Year 2023 DG Khan Board 12th Class Intermediate Part 2 from this page. We know that this intermediate part 2 result will come on date and it will be officially revealed on 12th September 2017. On this day, complete details of toppers will also be mentioned. This is quite a high status and a big achievement when someone is called as a position holder. You cannot become a position holder just with the mere and only studying of your books and syllabus books. this page shall display Position Holders Of 2nd Year DG Khan Board.

You should too groom your personality. You can become an impressive looking position holder if your personality will be groomed and you will look impressive and promising as well. Dull toppers and boring position holders are not admired by ordinary students. Just to get high and more marks should not be your target.

You should not only focus your attention to get marks and scores in your subjects. Instead, your confidence building aspect, your character building aspect and your personality grooming element also counts. These position holders should have inspirational personalities. As you are role model for future students, so you should work on your personality too. Your personality should not look clumsy.

Position Holders Of 2nd Year 2017 DG Khan Board 12th Class Intermediate Part 2


BISE DG Khan Board Inter Position holders 2017


It is duty of teachers as well that if they notice that their bright and shining students are lacking behind in their personality and self confidence aspect then teachers should work on these bright students.

As you have become a position holder so this is an add-on duty on you. You should not give this impression to other students that you have boring and not so impressive personality. You should try to convince your fellow students that you have got spark in your confidence and personality as well. As you will be shining in your studies, you will be shining in your academic life, in same manner, position holders should also shine in their personality grooming and character building area.

So for DG Khan Board students, names of position holders of 2nd year 2017 is coming soon. All intermediate part 2 students can wait till result date and then they will know through this page that how much scores are gained by position holders and this time. There will be a tough competition and let us see that whether previous year record will be able to break or not.