PEF Public School Support Program PSSP Phase-II 2024

PEF Public School Support Program PSSP Phase-II 2024

New school program Started as a pilot project in 2008 to engage private sector entrepreneurs to set up new schools in remote, remote and under-educated areas of the province. The goal of NSP is to establish schools where government or private schools are few in number or unavailable. Currently, there are 1478 NSP schools in 36 districts of the province.

The Punjab Education Foundation was established as an autonomous statutory body under the Punjab Education Foundation Act, 1991 to encourage and promote education on a non-commercial/non-profit basis. Since then, it has come a long way to provide free quality education to deserving children at their doorsteps.

Punjab Education Foundation HAs reorganized under the Punjab Education Foundation Act-XII of 2004 for the promotion of education, particularly to encourage and support private sector efforts in imparting education to the poor through public-private partnership.

Public School Support Program PSSP 2016 Application Form

Site selection criteria

Sites for opening new schools are selected in various ways as indicated below.

By inviting applications from individuals or organizations, sites should be identified where there is no public or private school within a radius of 1 km with a population of 300-500 people.
Through the Department of School Education, sites are identified for soliciting applications from individuals or NGOs and are then verified by PEF staff.
Allocating districts to CSOs to identify sites as per NSP criteria and open schools after site verification by PEF.
School selection criteria

Applicant should be at least Intermediate Certificate holder.
Preferably resident of the same area
5 References from Natives
An assessment is required to open a school at an identified location.
Criteria for selection of organizations

Must be registered.
Must have at least 5 years of experience in the field of education.
There should be at least 50 formal functional schools
Financially stable
District(s) applied for access.
An assessment report is required.