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Pakistan Express Bus Service Khalid and Nasir is a large and luxurious fleet holder of long distance travel system in Pakistan. Pakistan Express Bus Service Khalid and Nasir is a name synonymous with excellence in the travel service industry and is respected for setting very high standards in the bus travel industry in our superior customer orientation and care.

Pakistan Express Ticket Price List

Pakistan Express Khalid Nasir has several types of buses and the fares are based on these luxury and economy categories. You can find Pakistan Express Khalid Nasir bus fares according to bus types including executive and business class.

Fares updated on 29 May 2024.

Cities of departure Destination city Executive business
Karachi Multan 3500 3700
Karachi Faisalabad 5200 4700
Karachi Balkasar 5900 5400
Karachi Rawalpindi 4200 5400
Karachi Mianwali N/A N/A
Karachi Absolutely N/A N/A
Karachi Rekhi N/A N/A
Karachi Uncle Shah N/A N/A
Faisalabad moro 3200 N/A
Faisalabad Hyderabad 5000 N/A
Faisalabad thanks 2500 N/A
Faisalabad Karachi 5200 N/A
Hyderabad Multan 3300 3300
Hyderabad Faisalabad 5000 3900
Hyderabad Rawalpindi 4300 5300
Hyderabad Mianwali N/A N/A
Hyderabad Absolutely N/A N/A
Hyderabad Balkasar 5700 5300
Balkasar thanks 3500 4200
Balkasar moro 4400 4100
Balkasar Hyderabad 5700 5300
Balkasar Karachi 5900 5400
Mianwali thanks N/A N/A
Mianwali moro N/A N/A
Mianwali Hyderabad N/A N/A
Mianwali Karachi N/A N/A
Multan moro 2900 2400
Multan Hyderabad 3300 2900
Multan Karachi 3500 3700
Rawalpindi thanks 2900 3800
Rawalpindi moro 3600 4200
Rawalpindi Hyderabad 4100 5300
Rawalpindi Karachi 4200 5400
thanks Multan 1500 1500
thanks Faisalabad 2100 2100
thanks Rawalpindi 2700 2700
thanks Mianwali N/A N/A
thanks Absolutely N/A N/A
thanks Balkasar 3000 4200
Cities of departure Destination city Executive business

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

How much does Pakistan Express Khalid Nasir charge from Rawalpindi to Karachi?

Pakistan Express Khalid Nasir charges 4500 for Executive and 5500 for Business Class.

How to check Pakistan Express Khalid Nasir fares online?

You can visit to get updated fare from Pakistan Express Khalid Nasir.

What is the price of Pakistan Express Khalid Nasir Rawalpindi to Karachi ticket?

Pakistan Express Khalid Nasir charges 5500 for Executive and 6900 for Business Class.