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Pak Railway Online Booking 2024 Buy Pak Railway Tickets Online from this website. Ministry of Railways Pakistan has introduced online ticketing system for passengers. For the convenience of passengers, Railways has introduced online ticketing system for the first time in history. Second, the railway department wants to curb corruption through e-services. Nowadays, Pakistan Railways has digitized its ticketing system online. Get tickets online and reserve your seats for rail travel. Always buy train tickets online, instead of waiting and standing in long lines for ticketing purposes. You have to deposit the ticket money online through EssayPaisa and Jazz Cash apps. Ticket buyers will receive a confirmation SMS which you have to show to the ticket checkers.

Online ticket book of Pakistan RailwaysPakistan Railway Online Ticket Book 2024

Pakistan Railways has created an online humor portal where you can buy train tickets. Enter your itinerary and book your seat. There is also an online fare calculator available that calculates your travel fare. It is very easy to book train seats online for traveling from home. Enter your CNIC number, name, and train, and press the book button. Immediately, you will see a window for payment. After that, you’ll need to open your Jazz Cash, EssayPaisa, and Upaisa apps to pay for your tickets. Enter the invoice number and finalize your ticket.

How to pay Pakistan Railways ticket online.

If you are looking for Pak Railway Online Booking 2024 then you are on the right page. Read the full article to know how Pak Railway Online Booking System works. Pakistan Railways accepts online payment for seat reservation. Now Pak Railways has introduced e-ticketing system. Passengers must follow all instructions for booking railway seats online. Online ticket purchase confirmation SMS must be saved. At any time Pakistan Railway Ticket Checkers will see your ticket confirmation SMS.

Online ticket booking of Pakistan Railways

The four sections namely Indus Railway, Indian Flotilla Company, Punjab Railway and Delhi Railway which are operating in the same company, later merged into Sindh, Punjab and Delhi Railway Company and in 1885 and January 1886 became Secretary of State for India. Bought It was renamed the Northwestern State Railway, later renamed the Northwestern Railway.

How to Register Railway Tickets Online

At the time of partition, 1847 route mail of Northwestern Railway was transferred to India and route 5048 was left to Pakistan. In 1954 the railway line was extended to Mardan and Charsadda sections and in 1956 the Jacobabad-Kashmore 2′-6 ” line was converted to broad gauge. The Kot Addu-Kashmore line was built between 1969 and 1973, providing an alternative route to the country above Karachi.

Timetable of Pakistan Railways

Anyone who is planning to travel on Pakistan Railways can see Pakistan Railway Time Table 2024 on the internet. It’s a simple process. Go to the official website and select the “Timetable” button to confirm the schedule of your particular train. Click on the button below to view the timetable as well. Also, be sure to check your Pakistan Railways online booking set procedure.

Confirmation of Pakistan Railway ticket

Pakistan Railways offers online tickets for all tracks. Passengers must confirm the status of the ticket they purchased. In addition, passengers can buy train tickets from the stations. In that case, you have to save the ticket at the end of your trip. Confirm your ticket via online serial number.

Pakistan Railways e-ticket price

In the past, buying Pakistan tickets for trains was not an easy task. The process was boring. People had to stand in long lines, then pay the required amount and after much effort managed to get their tickets. Now this is very strange because people do not have to worry about it for train station tickets because technology has given the world so many facilities that they want more services in all areas of their lives. Electronic ticketing system of Pakistan Railways as well as booking of Pakistan Railways tickets are also part of this system.

Pakistan Railways e-ticketing system

Pakistan Railways e-ticketing system

Citizens are relieved with the introduction of e-ticketing system of Pakistan Railways. They give positive feedback to start the e-ticketing process. Passengers can now buy train tickets from their homes and note the exact time of their train. You have to arrive on time for your train.

Book online

Popular places price

Lahore to Karachi Up to Rs. 1400
From Rawalpindi to Karachi Up to Rs. 1550
Multan to Karachi Up to Rs
Quetta to Karachi Up to Rs
Karachi to Islamabad Up to Rs. 1550
Lahore to Islamabad Up to Rs.500
Multan to Islamabad Up to Rs
Quetta to Islamabad Up to Rs

Pakistan Railway Fare Price

Pakistan Railway train fares provide specific information about each city of Pakistan. Numerous passenger and express trains regularly connect major cities of Pakistan. According to the latest Pakistan Railway timetable available, ticket prices for every Pakistani express passenger train are affordable at every train station. Tickets and fees for full teaRt for Pakistan train with economy, class seats, and berth. First Class Sleeper AC Lower AC Parlor AC Sleeper AC Business, and AC separated.

Pakistan Railway Registration 2024

Contact number of Pakistan Railways

Landline number: 042-99201941

Railway Auto Dial: 042-2872

Fax: 042-99201961

E-mail: [email protected]