NADRA ID Card Verification Process 2024 via SMS 8008

NADRA ID card verification process is starting from 1st July 2016. If you are a citizen of Pakistan, you must go through this NADRA ID card verification process as soon as possible if you have the citizenship of Pakistan.

From July 1, 2016, this verification process will begin. You can verify your CNIC card at home. You just have to go through a simple process. Just send an SMS and your ID card verification process will start. Check the details of NADRA ID card verification process:

How to complete this NADRA ID card verification process?

You can complete this verification process by sending an SMS to 8008. You have to SMS your CNIC number to 8008 and then the process will start.

The moment you send this SMS, NADRA helpline will send you some details. You must verify these details.

If the received details are correct then you need to press 2. If the details received are incorrect, you need to press 1.

NADRA ID Card Verification Process

Rare 8008

Date of Commencement of NADRA ID Card Verification Process: 1st July 2016

NADRA ID Card Verification Process SMS to 8008 from 1st July 2016

You can also visit us to get more details about this ID card verification process.

Verification of NADRA ID Card

If our CNIC cards are registered then all of us will be considered valid Pakistani citizens. Let us all together make Pakistan a safe country.

My ID Card Information Pakistan

There is no place for foreigners and unregistered people in this country. Get your ID cards registered and get your ID card authentic and accurate. This process will be started from July 1, 2016. Be the first to verify your CNIC card.