Ministry of Railways Pakistan

The Ministry of Railways (Wazarat-e-Railway, abbreviated as MoR) is a department of the Pakistani government in charge of organising, managing, and directing government policies for the advancement of Pakistan Railways, the country’s national train system. It began as a division of the Ministry of Communications before becoming a separate ministry of the federal government in May 1974. In Block D of the Pakistan Secretariat in Islamabad, the ministry’s headquarters are situated.

Boards of Ministry of Railways Pakistan

The MoR and Pakistan Railways’ (PR’s) primary governing body for technical issues is the Railway Board (RB). The government-appointed bureaucrat who serves as Chairman of Pakistan Railways is the highest ranking official in the railways. – The officers and government-appointed bureaucrats who report directly to the Secretary of Railways, who also acts as chairman of the Board, are listed below: Secretary Railway Board, Ministry of Railways, Islamabad. ii) Finance Committee Member, Railway Board, MoR, Islamabad. iii) MoR, Islamabad, Director General (Operations). (Technical) Director General, MoR, Islamabad. v) MoR, Islamabad, Director General (Planning).

PR.Headquarters, Lahore, Chief Executive/Sr. General Manager of Railway.

  • Managing Director, PRACS.Rawalpindi (CEO/Sr.GM).
  • CEO of the PRFTC, located in Rawalpindi.
  • Director of REDAMCO in Rawalpindi.
  • Railcop’s managing director, Lahore
  • Director-General of the Federal Government Inspector of Railways (FGIR)

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