Method of marriage in Islam Research on the method of marriage in Urdu

In Islam, marriage is a blessed and pure contract between husband and wife. In the Muslim language, marriage means marriage. It is sacred and it is a sacred social contract between the bride and groom. The complete method of marriage in Islam is as follows in Urdu:

  • In the first stage, the first stage of the marriage contract is completed by the guardian. Wali is the closest of all the relatives of the bride. The guardian can also be the father. The guardian is like the guardian of a bride and will be determined by the interests of the hadiths of the bride’s marriage in Urdu.
  • On behalf of the bride and groom, both parties prepare themselves for marriage. This agreement is supervised by 2 witnesses. The seal is given to the bride. As soon as the bride says yes and accepts the marriage decision, the dowry will be given to her. You have to say yes or you can say 3 times control. After these marriage ceremonies, the bride has to sign papers and documents in front of two witnesses.
  • They also sign two witnesses and they also confirm these marriage papers and papers. The Imam will also sign the marriage contract so that this sacred and pure agreement can be ratified.

Method of marriage in Islam Research on the method of marriage in Urdu

The method of marriage in Islam in Urdu

  • Once the bride accepts the terms of the agreement, both the bride and groom will enter into a chaste relationship and after the marriage is consummated they will be called husband and wife.
  • When the bride and groom sign the documents and the seal is given, both the bride and groom pray a little for the happy marriage of the bride and groom. The date of walima or reception after nikah is called nikah hadith in Urdu.

It is about the method and procedure of marriage. This is a sacred covenant. The imam should also note the age of eligibility of both the bride and groom. Identity cards of the bride and groom, witnesses are also important during this sacred ceremony. Also submit a copy of the marriage certificate to the union council office of your society. Submission of this document and marriage documents will register your marriage. This simple method of marriage has been going on for years. Islam has always paved the way for the betterment of society. This marriage allows men and women to come under the same protection according to Islamic methods.