Mepco Bill Calculator

Looking for mepco bill calculator? Here is the bill estimator for Mepco consumers. Just enter number of units, and you will get an estimate bill amount including all taxes:

Mepco Bill Calculator

Please enter units to see estimate bill amount.

This mepco electricity bill calculator just calculates the estimated amount however the original bill amount may vary. This script is based on the latest unit rates and the GOP taxes, however if you find anything wrong, please feel free to contact us and we will fix it asap.

MEPCO Bill calculator helps you in calculating the total bill of all the electrical appliances you utilize. In accordance with the latest rates and GOP, this tool will give you an accurate sum up.

Mepco Bill Calculator

Instead of assuming your bills, it’s better you get an estimated price before the electricity bill in your hand. You will find this tool handy while making your monthly budget. You will be able to save yourself time and money.

How Does MEPCO Bill Calculator work?

Our MEPCO Bill calculator works on a simple formula used by the NEPRA Government of Pakistan. It calculates the electricity cost base on consumer units, taxes, FPA, GST, TV Fee, F.C Surcharge, Electricity duty, and N.J Surcharge.

Although the unit rate change according to Slabs defines by the electric company. Eg. If you are consuming 50 units then the calculator adds the lowest rate to the total cost. Similarly, if your units are above 100 then the cost per unit will also increase.

MEPCO Unit Calculator


MEPCO unit calculator is used to calculate MEPCO Bill. To Calculate the MEPCO Bill follow the given steps.

In the given MEPCO Unit Calculator field add the reference number and click on proceed. In a few seconds, the website will generate the MEPCO bill. The MEPCO Bill calculator gives an estimated amount close to the original bill generated by MEPCO.


MEPCO Reference Number


MEPCO provides its users with a 14-digit MEPCO reference number through which users can check their MEPCO bill online as well as they can execute MEPCO bill calculations from the MEPCO unit calculator. They can view, download, and duplicate their MEPCO bills as well for free.

How to use Wapda Bill Calculator?

To use our developed calculator you don’t be technical, you simply need to provide the right number of units in the box and the rest will calculate the total estimated amount for you.

Follow the steps to properly check your estimated bill now.

  • First of all, Note download units from your meter. It will be mentioned like 817.80 KW
  • Next, you simply need to enter this value into the “Enter Units” box above.
  • The calculator will calculate your bill in real-time and show you the table below.
  • The table will mention the total cost, tax information, GST, and other charges.