Menu Products Price List in Pakistan 2024

So Menu Products Price List in Pakistan 2024 Frozen Menu Foods Nuggets! If you haven’t tried the frozen food items on the menu, then it’s time to do it. From there, you can find a wide variety of frozen food items and meals. They offer prime cuts and fresh, frozen products, ready-to-cook products and ready-to-eat products, items, their team consists of excellent and professional chefs to carefully prepare each of their products. Pakistan

Use quality ingredients in the menu to keep the flavor of these frozen products longer. All their products contain mouth watering and delicious taste. They provide the best treatment to you and your family. Have their products anytime and anywhere. Check Menu Products Price List in Pakistan 2024 details here.

Menu has the most modern processing plant in its regions. It follows strict and strong hygiene rules. It has always assured quality products and superior taste. Its products come with very attractive and mouth-watering appearance. Their natural taste lasts longer for Menu Foods including Menu Foods Price List 2024 Pakistan. Each of these products is packed with nutritional value. Their clear packaging ensures that their products are safe and easily reusable. Try the menu products again to get fresh food and great, great-tasting products.

Chicken nuggets; 160

Their finished products are nuggets, popcorn chicken, popcorn fish, nuggets. They also offer Premium Crispy Fillet, Handcrafted Chicken Tenders, Premium Fish Fillet and Lahori Chicken Samosas. This category also includes chicken tempura, chicken tulip, burger patty, chicken samosas and chicken vegetable samosas.

Menu Products Price List in Pakistan 2024 Frozen Food Menu Nuggets

Try their Spring Roll, Chapli Kebab, Shami Kebab and Kofta. For ready-to-eat products, they offer Chicken Hariyali Boti, Tandoori Roti, Home Style Paratha and Chicken Fajita Pizza. You can also get their Chicken Tikka Pizza, Seekh Kebab, Gola Kebab and Tikka Kat.

Please call us. 03 111 55 66 66 For pricing information.

Menu Products Price List in Pakistan

For the veggie products category, take their sticky samosas, potato samosas and vegetable samosas. You will love the taste of their Punjabi samosas, potatoes, cutlets and vegetable spring rolls. Their wheat products category includes Chicken Paratha, Tandoori Naan, Plain Paratha and Whole Wheat Parathas, All About Menu Products Price List In Pakistan 2024. They also make cold chicken products. So do the taste of their product description menu food. You will love their taste and variety. Go now and get menu products.