Manthar Express Ticket Price List

About Manthar Express:

Manthar Express is the oldest and largest transport company in Pakistan with the most modern and organized transport system. It is one of the transport company with nationwide network. Being a transport service provider, the company has a large fleet of buses, technologically advanced workshops to maintain the fleet for the safety of passengers, state-of-the-art terminals, drivers and mechanical staff. The company has been providing transport facilities to the people of Pakistan since its inception in 1984.

Manthar Express Ticket Price List 2023

Fares updated on 09 Dec 2023.

Here is the ticket price list of Manthar Express Bus Services.

From To Ticket price
Sadiqabad Faisalabad 900
Sadiqabad Fatherland 700
Sadiqabad Gojra 850
Sadiqabad fearsome 730
Sadiqabad Toba Tek Singh 790
Sadiqabad As a border 770
Faisalabad Sadiqabad 1430
Faisalabad Ahmedpur East 920
Faisalabad Khanpur 1230
Faisalabad Rahim Yar Khan 1330
Faisalabad Pure merit 730
Bahawalpur Narowal 2300
Bahawalpur Quetta 2500
Lahore Karachi 3000
Liaquatpur Gujarat 2000
Sadiqabad Lahore 2200

Online Booking of Manthar Express Tickets:

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is Manthar Express fare from Sadiqabad to Faisalabad?

Manthar Express Bus Charge 900 from Sadiqabad to Faisalabad.

How much is Manthar Express fare from Sadiqabad to Gujra?

Manthar Express Bus Charge 850 from Sadiqabad to Gujra.

How much is Manthar Express fare from Sadiqabad to Rajana?

770 for Manthar Express bus from Sadiqabad to Rajana.