List of PMLN Ticket Holders for Election 2023

Pakistan Muslim League (N) has decided not to release it. PMLN Punjab Ticket 2023 To any candidate for election in Punjab. The League leadership has decided to apply. List of PMLN Punjab Tickets And the lion symbol of any candidate will not be submitted to the Election Commission.

According to the election schedule, the Election Commission has to allot the party symbols to the candidates today. Today is the last day to submit tickets for elections in Punjab, tickets have been issued to all the candidates by Tehreek-e-Insaf.

List of PMLN Ticket Holders for Election 2023

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) is one of the largest political parties in Pakistan. As the country prepares for the next general elections in 2023, the Muslim League (N) has released its list. PMLN Ticket 2023. This article will provide an overview of PML-N and its ticket holders for the 2023 elections.

PML-N was founded in 1993 and is led by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. It is a center-right political party that advocates democracy, human rights and economic development. The party has a strong presence in Punjab, Pakistan’s largest province, and has held power at the national and provincial levels.

PMLN has released the list of ticket holders for 2023 general elections on the official website of PMLN. The list includes the candidates of the National Assembly as well as the Provincial Assemblies. Some prominent names in the list are:

The list of PML-N ticket holders for the 2023 general elections is an important development in the political landscape of Pakistan. This shows the party’s commitment to fielding strong candidates and its focus on youth and diversity. However, the PML-N faces several challenges in the upcoming elections, including the aftermath of the Panama Papers scandal and the PTI government’s targeting of the party. It is to be seen how the Muslim League (N) faces these challenges and how it performs in the elections.