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Lahore railway station or Lahore junction time table and ticket price information on this page. Train station lahore which is likewise referred to as the Lahore railway junction, is one of the oldest and busiest railway junctions in Pakistan.


Dozens of passenger trains and load carriages employ the Lahore junction station for massive scale moves of the railway traffic. It is likewise the biggest railway station in Pakistan in phrases of area. In this blog, we’ll discover greater approximately Lahore Junction and the way it have become one of the busiest railway junctions in Pakistan.

Lahore Railway Station Time Table

A extremely busy railway junction is Lahore Railway Station. 80 trains travel the nation from Lahore station. The 102dn Subak Raftar, 103up Subak Kharam, 104dn Subak Kharam, 105up Rawal Express, 106dn Rawal Express, 107up Islamabad Express, 108dn Islamabad Express, 109up Rawalpindi Express, and 10dn Allama Iqbal Express are some of the well-known trains that operate from the station. Pakistan Railways is in charge of all these trains. Below are included the train numbers, timetable, route, and real-time live status.

Lahore Junction Trains Stops

The Pakistani railway train timetable schedule of trains departing from Lahore Railway Station and travelling to all significant railway stations in Pakistan, complete and detailed information on Pakistani railway schedules and schedule details. The following expresses are available: Akbar Express, Allama Iqbal Express, Awam Express, Babu Passenger, Badar Express, Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express, Faisalabad Express, Fareed Express, Ghouri Express, Green Line Express, Jaffar Express, Faisal Express, Jinnah Express, Karachi Express, Karakoram Express, Khyber Mail, Lasani Express, Margala Express, Mianwali Express, Multan Express,Musa Pak Express , Narowal Passenger , Ravi Express , Rawal Express , Rawalpindi Express , Pak Business Express , Rehman Baba Express , Sargodha Express , Shah Hussain Express (Night Coach) , Shalimar Express , Subak Kharam , Subak Raftar , Islamabad Express , Tezgam Express and Waris Shah Fast are famous trains from Lahore.

Train Name Train Code Starts from Ends at
Khyber Mail Express 1 UP Karachi Cantt Peshawar Cantt
Khyber Mail Express 2 DN Peshawar Cantt Karachi Cantt
Green Line Express 5 UP Karachi Cantt Islamabad
Green Line Express 6 DN Islamabad Karachi Cantt
Tezgam Express 7 UP Karachi Cantt Rawalpindi
Tezgam Express 8 DN Rawalpindi Karachi Cantt
Allama Iqbal Express 9 UP Karachi Cantt Sialkot
Allama Iqbal Express 10 DN Sialkot Karachi Cantt
Awam Express 13 UP Karachi Cantt Peshawar Cantt
Awam Express 14 DN Peshawar Cantt Karachi Cantt
Karachi Express 15 UP Karachi Cantt Terminus
Karachi Express 16 DN Terminus Karachi Cantt
Akbar Express 23 UP Quetta Terminus
Akbar Express 24 DN Terminus Quetta
Shalimar Express 27 UP Karachi Cantt Terminus
Shalimar Express 28 Dn Terminus Karachi Cantt
Jinnah Express 31 UP Karachi Cantt Terminus
Jinnah Express 32 DN Terminus Karachi Cantt
Pak Business Express 33 UP Karachi Cantt Terminus
Pak Business Express 34 DN Terminus Karachi Cantt
Fareed Express 37 UP Karachi City Terminus
Fareed Express 38 DN Terminus Karachi City
Jaffer Express 39 UP Quetta Peshawar Cantt
Jaffer Express 40 DN Peshawar Cantt Quetta
Karakorum Express 41 UP Karachi Cantt Terminus
Karakorum Express 42 DN Terminus Karachi Cantt
Shah Hussain Express 43 UP Karachi Cantt Terminus
Shah Hussain Express 44 DN Terminus Karachi Cantt
Subak Raftar Express 101 UP Terminus Rawalpindi
Subak Raftar Express 102 DN Rawalpindi Terminus
Subak Kharam Express 103 UP Terminus Rawalpindi
Subak Kharam Express 104 DN Rawalpindi Terminus
Rawal Express 105 UP Terminus Rawalpindi
Rawal Express 106 DN Rawalpindi Terminus
Islamabad Express 107 UP Terminus Rawalpindi
Islamabad Express 108 DN Islamabad Terminus
Badar Express 111 UP Faisalabad Terminus
Badar Express 112 DN Terminus Faisalabad
Ghouri Express 113 UP Faisalabad Terminus
Ghouri Express 114 DN Terminus Faisalabad
Musa Pak Express 115 UP Multan Terminus
Musa Pak Express 116 DN Terminus Multan
Multan Express 117 UP Multan Terminus
Multan Express 118 DN Terminus Multan
Faisal Express 119 UP Faisalabad Terminus
Faisal Express 120 DN Terminus Faisalabad
Ravi Express 121 UP Shorkot Cantt Terminus
Ravi Express 122 DN Terminus Shorkot Cantt
Sargodha Express 123 UP Sargodha Terminus
Sargodha Express 124 DN Terminus Sargodha
Lasani Express 125 UP Terminus Sialkot
Lasani Express 126 DN Sialkot Terminus
Mianwali Express 147 UP Mari Indus Terminus
Mianwali Express 148 DN Terminus Mari Indus
Babu Passenger 205 UP Terminus Wazirabad
Babu Passenger 206 DN Wazirabad Terminus
Waris Shah Passenger 207 UP Shorkot Cantt Terminus
Waris Shah Passenger 208 DN Terminus Shorkot Cantt
Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger 209 UP Terminus Narowal
Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger 210 DN Narowal Terminus
Narowal Passenger 211 UP Terminus Narowal
Narowal Passenger 212 DN Narowal Terminus
Samjhota Express 401 UP Attari Terminus
Samjhota Express 402 DN Terminus Attari

The Lahore railway junction serves as the starting point, stopping point, and finishing point for a number of trains. It is one of Pakistan’s most significant railway stations as a result of this fact. The significant ones are listed below, along with their codes and appropriate routes.


Some of the most crucial facilities at Lahore Railway Station are waiting areas, restrooms, food outlets, including international fast food chains like McDonalds and Pizza Hut, and ticketing services. The largest railway station in Pakistan also has a few retail stores on platforms 1 and 2. Aside from that, the station offers passenger train reservations that are current and in advance as well as cargo services for freight and packages. Additionally, there are overhead bridges that connect the platforms of the train station.
Near the train station, there are designated taxi and rickshaw stands. Depending on their availability and operating hours, public transit services are also easily accessible from the Lahore train station due to its close proximity to the major road.


Lahore Cantt Railway Station

Lahore Cantonment railway station is located in Lahore Cantonment, Lahore district of Punjab province of the Pakistan. Lahore Cantonment StationThe location of Lahore Railway Station puts it in the heart of the city. As discussed, it is located just outside the Wall City, Lahore. The exact location of Lahore Railway Station has been further mentioned in the contact details section of the blog.

Railway Station Lahore Contact Number

For tickets, reservations, and different kinds of queries associated with luggage, refunds, and freight management, you could use the subsequent touch information of Lahore Railway Station. If you go to the Lahore teach station at the given address, you may discover devoted offices, wherein you could cross and inquire in person.

Address:  Badami Bagh Station Road, Swami Nagar, Lahore

Lahore Railway Station Contact Details: (021) 36674351

Note: You can also get in touch with Pakistan Railways at 117 and get a reply to your inquiries by railway officials from all over the country.

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