K&N Chicken Products Price List in Pakistan 2023 Dalian Boneless Chicken Price

When we talk about the pillar and tower of this poultry industry of Pakistan, we will always say the name of K&N. He started his work in 1964. It is their single mind and sole aim to provide better and better nutrition through their poultry price list. K&N has always been committed and strives to bring health and happiness to the people of its nation.

They have a wide range of healthy and nutritious chicken products. They offer variety and range of whole chicken. Their designer cuts and premium boneless meats are also popular. Their ready-to-cook products and many complete and fully cooked chicken products come with a wide selection of options. So check more details of K&N Chicken Products Prices in Pakistan 2023 from here. k&n price list

They offer consumer products and industrial products. Their range and types of industrial products come in the form of parent stock. You can get broiler and day old chicks.

You can also eat hatching eggs and poultry feed. In terms of their breaded products, they offer Nuggets, Croquettes, Tender Pops, Thunder Flat Breast and Thunder Flat Thigh. You can also try their savory nuggets, hot tenders, burger patties, green nuggets and combo wings. Have their chicken tempura, burning fingers, you’ll love it. k&n price list

You can call our toll free number. 0800 11156 9 am to 8 pm to place your order any day.

Talking about their assortment of kebabs, try their Seekh Kebab, Chapli Kebab and Shami Kebab, Kofta. Enjoy their Kafta Kebab, Mughlai Tikka. Their Deline, a protein power breakfast, is loved by all of us.

K&N Chicken Products Price List in Pakistan 2023 Dalian Boneless Chicken Price

Enjoy the delicious taste of cheese and onion with their Breakfast Sausage, Frankfurter Sausage and Jumbo Frank Sausage. Get their Jumbo Frank Sausage topped with jalapeño peppers and cheese and Balogna slices. Enjoy the great taste of mortadella slices, pepperoni slices and smoked breast fillet strips.

K&N Chicken Products Price List

For their slice products, they are fully and completely cooked. These snack products are very good and come with excellent taste. You can enjoy them in your salad. You can put them in your sandwich, pasta. Use them as a topping for your pizza. k&n price list

Their Chicken Tikka Chunks, Samosa Tornadoes and Achari Samosas – you will fall in love with their taste. For their delicious baked goods, they include puff patties and patties. Their safe and healthy chicken cube is monosodium glutamate free. You can use it only as a flavor enhancer. It is also naturally tasty and healthy for your body.