Kashmir Solidarity Day HD Wallpaper 2024

The Kashmir issue is one of the long-standing problems of the United Nations. This problem has been present in the United Nations for the last 74 years. Pakistan has always supported the resolution of 1949 regarding the right of self-determination of Kashmiris and is ready to implement it even today. But the usurper India, which itself presented this problem in the United Nations and also promised to implement it by recognizing the resolutions passed by the United Nations.
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Kashmir Solidarity Day is celebrated on February 5 across the country. The tradition of celebrating Kashmir Solidarity Day started on February 5, 1990 by the late Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmed, which has continued for years. It’s been 31 years and now it has the status of “National Day”. On February 5, rallies should be taken out to express solidarity with Kashmiris, special gatherings should be organized in the divisional headquarters, districts and tehsils of the province for Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Kashmir Solidarity Day HD Wallpaper 2024

Pakistani people participated in public gatherings on Kashmir Solidarity Day and took out rallies with flags of Pakistan and Kashmir. Kashmir Solidarity Day Public Holidays 2024.

We salute the struggle, right of self-determination and determination of Kashmiris, human rights violations continue in Occupied Kashmir, lockdown continues, the people of Occupied Kashmir are bravely facing Indian oppression, the end of the human tragedy and the problem The time has come for the solution of Kashmir. The Kashmir issue should be resolved according to the resolutions of the United Nations.

Kashmir Solidarity Day HD Wallpapers 2024

To expose Indian atrocities in Kashmir to the world, Pakistani nation is celebrating “Kashmir Solidarity Day” today in a grand manner.

Kashmir Day is being celebrated all over the world including Pakistan. People celebrate Kashmir Day to show solidarity with Kashmiris. Chains of human hands were made on all important bridges connecting Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Kashmir Solidarity Day was celebrated this year due to India’s termination of the special status of Occupied Kashmir and the lockdown that has been going on for several months. A commemorative postage stamp was also released on the occasion. Today is a public holiday in Pakistan and the day was silent for ten minutes. Kashmiris took full advantage of Pakistani festivals in the country and abroad

Kashmir Solidarity Day Kashmir Solidarity Day is celebrated on February 5, 2024 in the divisional headquarters, districts and tehsils of the province. Rallies will be held in every city to express solidarity with Kashmiris. In connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day, speech and essay writing competitions were organized in educational institutions. Kashmir Solidarity Day begins on February 5, 2024 (Kashmir Solidarity Day) with a minute’s silence at 10:00 AM in honor of Kashmiri martyrs.

5 February Kashmir Day Wallpaper 2024

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The current century is the century of human rights, the development of civilizations is also compatible with determination. It is also said that it can still be based on the economic basis and the relationship between the countries. It was several border closures that ended unnecessary cross-country travel, but the long dark night of persecution divided the Kashmir region into columns for 69 years.
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In the last seven decades, the people of Jammu and Kashmir have not seen the dawn of independence. Beginning of political struggle. Two voices later began to form a caravan. The political struggle did not show the armed resistance an attempt to bring residual energies into the wounded bodies of the inhabitants. They were cut off, they fell against the forces of evil, but today even their dream could not come true.
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During the partition of India, emotional attachment to Pakistan Kashmir was a natural thing since it was directly majority non-Muslim. The common people of Kashmir Pakistan were more secure with regard to Pakistan near your brother. The years of partition of Indian Kashmir to Pakistan in 1947 strongly support the role of advocates in international forums and the right of Kashmiris to self-determination. Meanwhile, India continues to mistreat the people of the valley, but it has not wavered from Kashmir’s determination and desire for independence.

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In 1989, Qazi Hussain Ahmed of Jamaat-e-Islami in a press conference suggested a national holiday to express solidarity with Kashmiris, so keeping this suggestion in mind, Kashmir Solidarity Day was celebrated from 1990 to February 5. This official holiday was announced during the second term of Nawaz Sharif.
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Events, rallies and seminars related to the independence of Kashmir are being organized in the country today. It is a good tradition, but not only for the rest of the Christian hope that feeds the wounds of Kashmiris. Kashmiris have been aware of the poor food situation for decades. Kashmiri and Kashmiri living in Pakistan, different countries of the world are coming together once again for their freedom. This time they intend to get their rights through the political process instead of guns. What milestones have Kashmiris seen in the history of the last seven decades and learned this time? Just the past is catching up to him.

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Away from the heights, this beautiful region witnessed countless history with four thousand years of history. In its management style, the natives also suffer from diarrhea and external maltreatment for years to come. Out of the 6 and 66 years of history here, only four thousand years old have been exploited by foreign rulers.

Despite this history, sociologists and sociologists recognize that Kashmir lived with a distinct civilization and culture at every period in history. Here they have not lost their senses in the constant oppression of one after another atrocities, tragedies and eternal environment. They cultivate human values. Literature, music and arts are an integral part of Indian life.

In 1846, the Dogra ruler Gulab Singh (Jammu), paid a ransom to the British to acquire it under the contract of Amritsar and founded the British rule over ID. The villagers here have started destroying the crimes of the farmers. Maharaja had a tax on everything except air. Poems were published in newspapers regarding Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5.

Pakistani nation is celebrating. “Kashmir Solidarity Day” Friday to reiterate Pakistan’s full support for the freedom struggle of Kashmiris and to expose the worst Indian atrocities in Kashmir to the world.