Islamic SMS Collection 2023

1- Humility of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him).
You (S) do not have a shadow on me!
There is no fly on you, daughter
You (S) are the best.
As you (PBUH) see the future, so they look back
The animal on which you (PBUH) will ride has not felt any burden

Islamic SMS collection

Islamic SMS Collection 2022

2- JBAP Chohat Katti Bhonkani Ki
Hear the voice of Allah’s refuge
Q k wo esi makhloq dekhty han jo ham nhi dkhty
Or when the job is over, go out for miles
At night Allah wills what He wills.
When live data when.
3- Close the door on Bismillah,
Satan does not open the door except in the name of Allah
KR has been banded
Put the matki or bartan dhanap diya or the mahbund of muskets
dia kro
There comes a time in Shab al-Qadr when the earth descends in a flood.

4-New SIM Offer…
If you are from every parish
If you want to escape
Sim of len “prayer”.
QK ‘Namaz’deti hy Apko
5 of RAB’s free talk
Or Wu B daily.
Unlimited is free as well.
Mercy, blessing or peace.
Or surf this, but not tahjud
12 PM to 5 AM package
Sb Kch Manwaiye Aapne RaB se.
To “Namaz Parho”.
“All That Two”