Imamiya Jantri 2023 PDF Online Read Shia Iftikhar Book Depot

Page you will get Imamiya Jantri 2023 PDF Online Reading Shia Iftikhar Book Depot. The possible way out here is to get Jantri in few clicks. Currently we are offering Imamiya Jantri Shia for download and online reading only. It is a tendency to have an idea of ​​how the day will go. It is completely based on the calculation of stars with Islamic knowledge. Everyone should involve themselves with the factor that makes the parents find a good time for the marriage. In this book you will also find the prayer times of Shia Masalik. The importance of prayer cannot be denied in any way. The purpose of this page is to make things easier for anyone who wants to know about Islamic information.

Imamiya Jantri 2023 PDF Online Read Shia Iftikhar Book Depot

According to the Shias, the good and bad days depend on the guardianship and martyrdom of the Imam. Most of the time it depends on the moon and the solar system. Astrology is not that easy so we are providing you Shia Imamiya Jantri 2023. This is the complete book on when you build a house. When to marry a girl What is the best time to fix engagements? It even shows when the journey starts and ends.


Pray for success

The third pattern is to explore what istikhara is and how we should recite istikhara from the Qur’an. There is another way to get an idea about the will of Allah Ta’ala. Some schools of thought have never thought so. But, we are talking about major schools of thought here. Remember we do not disobey anyone in this regard. We will share what is included in this Imamiya Jantri 2023 Shia. Istikhara method is easy first you have to pray and mostly Fajr prayer. When you finish the Fajr prayer, recite Surah Tawheed only three times and recite Durood on Muhammad and Ali Muhammad only in odd number. Open the Qur’an when it is. Read the first verse of the Quran on the right side page and surely the answer will come to your mind.

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This method is also popular for marriage. Most of the scholars recommend this method to determine if the future bride and groom are not compatible with each other. Most people look for Islamic Jantri 2023 for marriage because they know they will get an answer that way. Now there is another method of Istikhara in this Imamiya Jantri.

Another method of Istikhara

According to this Imamiya Jantri pdf online reading, the above mentioned method related to Hazrat Ali. The next method related to the last Imam refers to the Imam of our time, Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.), who is commonly known as Imam al-Asr. 3 days before and after prayer, it is necessary to recite Salawat while standing facing the Qiblah. On page 4, on the left side, there is a mention of a prayer beginning with Bismillah.

Istikhara times and days

Days and times to do Istikhara next thing. Each day has its own significance and is a good time for Istikhara. Imamiyyah Jantri 2023 Shias now tell about every day when to perform Istikharah on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Page 4 Imam Zaman’s method can find days with subsequent times of Istikhara. You will understand how days and times play an important role in this process.

In the name of Allah Almighty

On page 5 of Imamiya Jantri 2023 PDF Online now the name of Allah Ta’ala is mentioned. All these names with meaning are mentioned there. Note that when we say page 5 there is no physical page 5 mentioned on the page. It may vary.

Name of Muhammad

On the sixth page, the names of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) are mentioned. These names are quite soothing to the soul when you read them. Names with full meaning are also mentioned in Shia Imamiya Jantri 2023.

Names of Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him).

In the seventh page, the names of Hazrat Ali (AS) are mentioned, but these are only other names in which the attributes of Hazrat Ali (AS) are mentioned. are more famous than the reign of For legitimate decisions.

In the name of Hazrat Bibi Fatima peace be upon him

In the eighth page, the names of Bibi Fatima, peace be upon him, are mentioned. According to the Shia school of thought, after Hazrat Ali, the wife of Hazrat Ali is mentioned. Names of AS.

Nahj al-Balagha sermon

Now in the ninth page, Nahj-ul-Balaghah sermon is mentioned and this sermon has its own importance. Since, I am not comparing this version of Shia Imamiya Jantri 2023 with other previous versions. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether each edition mentions a sermon from Nahj al-Balagha or not.


In the last part of page 10, there is a mention of prayers after prayer. It is better not to talk to anyone after the prayer and recite these duas.

Names of martyrs of Karbala

The entire 11th page contains the names of Shudai Karbala. Shia parents want children to remember these names so that they can get the date of Kabra at any age.

Islamic Calendar 2023

Imamiya Jantri 2023 Shias now also mention Islamic calendar 2023. It begins physically on page 52 and is written on page 50. For example, this page mentions the entire 31 days of January 2023 and also mentions that either it is Nilak in full meaning, Nahs or Nahs Akbar, further it specifically mentions that Either it’s good for travel or it’s not. You may find blanks on individual reminders of the day. This means that you can do anything in that day. Further Islamic history also shared the Wilayat and Shahadat or Imams of all Shiites. It also mentioned that January 2023 is known as Islamic. Last but not least he also mentioned the Urs or Islamic events of saints.

So, this is the complete Islamic calendar that is also mentioned in this Imamiya Jantri 2023 Shia. Now you can download Imamiya Jantri 2023 Pdf as well as get the real idea of ​​what will be next parts of Jantri from above link.