How to Check E-Challan Lahore How to Check

This page is a complete guide to provide you the answer to the question of how to check e-challan Lahore. This is the most relevant question that is asked by most of the car owners who have not received any challan at their home address. The purpose of this write-up is only to provide you the complete method to download your challan.

After downloading the challan you can easily get the print. Now you are ready to deposit your fine in any branch of Punjab Bank. How to check your e-challan in Lahore is no longer a mystery for the residents of Lahore as PSCA’s e-challan system is fully functional in this regard.

The format of checking your vehicle challan is really easy in every aspect. find. EChallan. Plate number (ABC 000, ABC 0000, ABC-00-0000). CNIC (1234567890123) or chassis no. Alternative text. © 2021 – EChallan System by PSCA.

How to Check E-Challan Lahore

The system is really efficient by entering only 4 types of details. First you need to login to your mobile browser desktop browser. Click on this website.

First step

E-challan is the first step

There are two spaces and a Captacha check. First place number plate is required and the format should be like this.

Plate no (ABC 000, ABC 0000, ABC-00-0000)

If you read it and follow this step carefully, you will have no chance of making a mistake. Elsewhere there may be a cnic without a dash or chassis number.

Usually people always put cnic number because they have good skill in memorizing it. Chassis number is what is mentioned on your smart card provided by Excise after registration.

Second step

The challan checking app is also the same thing. When you follow the step correctly then you have two chances first chance you can have unpaid or paid challan date. Then the page redirects you to the list of paid or unpaid challans and you can download them in PDF format.

Another thing you might get “No Record Found” is that you don’t have any paid or unpaid invoice history. Otherwise you are safe. Now most people are clear about how to check e-challan.

How to Check E-Challan Lahore

The second thing is to get the print and remember that all PDF print should print on one page as it is recommended. For this you need to select A4 paper size in your printer setup. How to pay e-challan online is the second method.

As per rule book you can pay e-challan through bank mobile application in any Punjab Bank branch, National Bank branch, ATM transfer and IBFT options. PSCAE Challan After login you can easily pay your e-challan through the most used payment method Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa.

Get computerized number plates for your vehicles.

Actually whether it works effectively or not is another issue as most of the people are found searching how to get my e-challan lahore online even after downloading from PSCAE challan login. can check