How to calculate Zakat on gold in Pakistani rupees?

It is necessary and wajib for everyone and how to calculate Zakat on gold in Pakistani rupees? Zakat on gold in Pakistan If you are one of the Muslims, then this Zakat is obligatory on you. According to Sharia teachings, you have to pay 2.5% Zakat on your total wealth. If you have 7.5 tolas of gold, if a Muslim has 52.5 tolas of silver, he is responsible for completing this process.

If you have any kind of cash or any kind of trade item that is equal to 52.5 tolas of silver then it is obligatory and most important for you to complete this Zakat process. If you have bank savings, if you own gold and silver reserves, if you have excess cash and if you own multiple business lines, then you are a practicing Muslim and you are obligated to pay Zakat. . Details are here! How to calculate Zakat on gold in Pakistani rupees?

Allah has commanded us to pay Zakat because this cycle and process balances the status of the rich and the poor. They should be equal in society. One should neither be so rich nor so poor.

When Zakat is deducted from our reserves, this deduction is usually given to the poor. Bank accounts have also deducted this Zakat from our accounts. If you have Rs 35000 cash or more in your account then you are liable to make this donation. Some people allow banks to make this deduction, others do it themselves.

How to calculate Zakat on gold in Pakistani rupees?

So if you have 7.5 tolas or more of gold then Zakat is obligatory on it.

Zakat calculation method in Urdu

To give zakat on your gold reserves, first convert the gold into cash, then you will know how much zakat is due on it! Make sure you follow this process. Allah Ta’ala has ordered to observe this practice.

To help the poor section of the society, to maintain the balance between the rich and the poor people, this duty of Zakat should be performed. Allah has given us this excess cash and gold and silver reserves and we have to return it. This surplus money and reserves should be returned to the poor in the form of How to calculate Zakat on gold in rupees? Stay tuned as we tell you more about the salient facts of this important pillar of Islam.

How to calculate Zakat on salary in Pakistan?

Your Zakat donation should be 2.5% of your annual total wealth accumulated throughout the year. For example, if your assets such as salary (after any loans) are Rs 10,000, then you have to pay Rs 250 as Zakat.

Who is entitled to Zakat?

The beneficiary must be poor and in addition destitute. A bankrupt is a person whose property, in the abundance of its basic terms, does not come up to the edge of the curriculum.

How to calculate the amount of Zakat?

Nisab is cash equivalent to 3 ounces / 87.48 grams of gold or 21 ounces / 612.36 grams of pure silver.