Happy Moon Night SMS 2023

moon night

We have collected brief information about Chand Raat to increase the knowledge of our viewers and share our experience with them. There are also some sms at the bottom of the page which people can share with their friends to celebrate the great moon night. Eid-ul-Fitr is being celebrated today after 30 days in Saudi Arabia.


Chand Raat literally means the night of the moon. It can also mean a full moon night. Chand Raat is a celebration of friends and families gathering in an open area to watch the Shawwal moon to celebrate Eid. When the moon is seen, people hug each other and congratulate each other on Moon Night. Moon night marks the end of Ramadan.

Happy moon night.


Chand Raat is celebrated differently by men, women and children. Women go to bazaars (shopping centers) to buy beautiful things for Eid and also go to beauty centers to enhance their beauty and men prepare various sweet deserts to enjoy the day after Eid. Children play different games with their friends and enjoy the great moonlit night. This is how the markets get crowded during the moonlit night.



Let the Eid moon shine somewhere else, I like my desolate place. Happy moon night


You see the moon from the north, we see the moon from the north, your heart will have a feast.


No one can see the Eid moon except me, I spent the whole day doing God’s work.


Happy moon night, may Allah fulfill every happiness of your life, every desire, every desire, every joy, every prayer? Amen


I was afraid of me all day long, but on the night of the moon, my name was written with henna on my hand.


I have remembered your surah since I saw the moon.


I am your mind, the moon is night, the heart is filled with pain and the moon is night, Eid has come but the heart is full of sorrow, your pains are amazing and the moon is night.


We woke up to the sound of the men making noise, the moon of Eid appeared far away.


You thought, religion and faith went there, Eid went and Ramadan went.


The moon is visible… Samosas are ready… This is Eid… So just be persistent… . Lots of prayers… I just ask… . And just wanted 2 … Best of luck to you!. . %%% Happy Moon Night and Eid Mubarak%%%