Federation of Madras Al Arabiya Pakistan Annual Result 1444/2024

Federation of Arab Schools of Pakistan has announced the annual exam 1443 AH 2024 and results. The results were announced by Federation of Arab Schools of Pakistan President Maulana Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani and Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi Korangi Industrial Area Superintendent Maulana Muhammad Hanif Jalandhri. A total of 468782 students appeared in the annual examinations out of which 451396 appeared, 385700 passed and 65696 failed. Thus the success ratio was 85.4%. The number of Jamaat books students was 380045 out of which 367417 appeared in the examination. 304742 passed while 62675 failed. The number of memorizing students was 88737 out of which 83979 participated.

Federation of Madras Al Arabiya Pakistan Annual Result 1444/2024

Under the Federation of Arab Schools of Pakistan, the results of more than 74,600 students of the Department of Conservation in the annual examinations of 1443 AH have been announced from the central office in Multan. Full details and statistics will be given with the results of the books, God willing.

Federation of Madras Al Arabiya Pakistan Annual Result 1444/2024

Eminent religious scholar Mufti Taqi Osmani has been elected as the head of the Federation of Arab Schools. Mufti Taqi Usmani is a famous scholar and renowned jurist. He is considered among the prominent scholars and religious figures of the country. He was a judge of the Federal Sharia Court from 1980 to 1982 and a judge of the Sharia Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan from 1982 to 2002. He is Vice President of International Academy of Islamic Jeddah, Jeddah and Vice Chancellor of Darul Uloom. Science Karachi Apart from this, he is working as a Shariah advisor in 7 Islamic banks and is also the editor-in-chief of Al-Balag magazine.

Federal Schools Results 2024

Wifaq Al Madaris Multan Wifaq Al Madaris 2024 will announce the result today on March 31 on the official website www.wifaqulmadaris.org.

Due to the corona case, the examinations of all the departments of Federated Schools were delayed this year. Although the results were released after a delay of 20 days, thanks to Allah www.wafaqul madaris alrabia pakistan 1443 result.

Federation of Arab Schools Pakistan Result 1443

Wafaq al-Madaris Al Arabiya, Pakistan has announced the annual exam results 2024/1443 in Pakistan and its details are also given on the official website of Wafaq al-Madaris Result 2024. Federation of Schools Multan Pakistan will release date sheet 1443/2024.

Admissions for annual exams will be from 1 Rabi al-Awwal to 30 Rabi al-Awwal. 1 Rabi al-Uthani to 15 Rabi al-Uthani will be with double fee, 16 Rabi al-Uthani to 30 Rabi al-Uthani with triple fee. No admission will be made after 30 Rabi al-Uthani.

Federation of Madras Al Arabiya Pakistan Annual Result 1443/2024

Federation of Madrasas al-Arabiya, Pakistan Federation of Madrasas al-Arabiya, Pakistan Federation of Madrasas al-Arabiya, Pakistan More than 10,000 madrasas and about 8,000 Iqra schools in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are affiliated to the federation. It controls all madrasahs which are governed by the Deoband school of thought.

Federation of Arab Schools Pakistan Result 1443

Renowned Hanafi scholar Maulana Salimullah Khan is the President of the Federation of Madaris and Qari Muhammad Hanif Jalandhri is the General Secretary. Federation of Madrasas is located in Multan.

Wefaq al-Madaris al-Arabiya Pakistan is a prominent Islamic educational institution in the country. It has been functioning as a private religious authority since 1957. There are thousands of religious madrassas and madrassas working under the supervision of Al-Madaris al-Arabiya Multan all over Pakistan.

Federal Schools Results 1443/2024:

Wifaqulmadaris Result 1443/2024 declared now on www.wifaqulmadaris.org.pk

Federated Schools Date Sheet 1443/2024, Federated Schools 1442 Result

1441/2020 Federated Schools Date Sheet

Federated Schools date sheet 1443/2024 has been announced.

Federal Schools Paper Pattern

1442/2024wifaqulmadaris result

Federation of Schools Result 1443/2024

Federal Schools Results 2024:

Wifaq Al Madaris Result 1443/2024 will be available here as it is announced by www.wifaqulmadaris.org result 1443/2024, how to check Wifaq Al Madaris Result through SMS.

When the results are online on net it also takes one and a half days and sometimes many people start checking at the same time, the result is not displayed due to heavy traffic. There is no harm in waiting for it.

Federation of Schools Result 1443:

Federation of Al Madras Al Arabiya Pakistan Results

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Federation of Arab Schools Result 1443

www.wafaqulmadaris multan pakistan result2024.com,wafaqul madaris result 2024. wafaqul madaris al Arabia Multan Pakistan annual result 202. This year the number of children who have completed memorization in Madrasas affiliated to the Federation of Arab Madrasas of Pakistan is 77,805.

Marks are given by the examiners in the security level examination of thousands of madrasas across the country. I have registered … and the process takes about a month due to high numbers. Then comes the stage of re-checking these results, i.e. full review. It takes time. There are many important details. Total numbers including name and address are also recorded.