Face Beauty Tips In Urdu For Girl Show How To Protect In Oily Ramadan

If you do have fast in this Holy month of Ramadan then it is also important for you to take care of your skin. We have seen many girls who eat lots of oily food items during this fasting month. Then, in the end, they get oily and acne kind of skin. While you are fasting, you need to keep some important tips so that your skin texture might remain better. Do you want to know how can you let your skin remain healthy and glowing enough this Ramadan month, check out these below face beauty tips:

Face Beauty Tips In Urdu For Girl Show How To Protect In Oily Ramadan

Try to have an intake of healthy foods and fruits in this fasting month. You should avoid as much while taking oily foods. During Sehri, you should have yogurt. Have one cumin seed in your drinks during the Sehri time. The smoothie of yogurt will keep you hydrated during the fasting duration. Your skin will remain fresh.

  • During the fasting time, you should apply plain yogurt to your face. Just allow this face mask to get dry and then take it off. This yogurt face pack will give you an ultra-glowing look to your face. To give your skin and face a hydrated look, you should make a face mask of cucumber along with mint. Apply this face pack on your face and then wash it off. This tip will let your skin remain moisturized.

Face Beauty Tips In Urdu

  • During fasting, at times, you get this feeling that your skin is getting dry. Then what you should do? Take a tomato pulp along with some honey and apply this mask to your face. Results will for sure come out to be positive. Extract of mango and banana, plain grapes can also allow your skin to remain fresh and glowing.

You should be protecting your skin in this summertime.  Do fast but at the same time, do take care of your skin as well. You should not look weak while fasting.