Estamp Paper Website Info Helpline Contact Details In Pakistan

You should note that the CM of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif has once again come up with this great initiative and step. Now, you can get easily this Estamp paper in Pakistan. Here we will be telling you the procedure for how can you get this Estamp paper, We will be telling you the concerned website and also helpline contact details.

E stamp paper website info helpline contact details

  • If you want to get in hand the Estamp paper then you need to follow a simple and easy procedure. You have to make a visit to the website of Estamping,
  • Right on this website, you have to fill up the 32-A challan form.
  • After filling out this challan form, you have to print out this particular challan form. Submit this form in any of yours Bank of Punjab branches.
  • As soon as you submit your stamp duty then the concerned Bank of Punjab branch will hand over to yo your E stamp paper.
  • So far 5 Lakh, fifty-seven thousand and 36 individuals have benefitted from this Estamp paper system.

Complete Steps For E Stamping In Pakistan

  • This system of Estamp paper is one of the productive projects that have been launched by the Government of Punjab. In the previous days, to get this Estamp paper, it usually and mostly took 3 days and now this task can be completed and finished in just and only 15 minutes
  • Their helpline is also available from 9 to 5, the number of their helpline is 0800-08-100. You can call on this number so that you can have more details and information about this Estamp paper.
  • This is the concerned website, You should visit this website so that you can have more info and details with regard to this system of Estamp paper.

This project has been jointly conducted by Punjab Information Technology Board, the Board of Revenue Bank of Punjab, and the Government of Punjab. This system of Estamp paper has benefitted a large in number of people of Pakistan. If you have ever faced trouble while getting this stamp paper then you should be following this method now. It is an easy process and in just 15 minutes, your Estamp paper will be right there in your hands. Stay in touch with us so that we can further tell you about other projects and initiatives carried out by the Government of Punjab.

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