District Legal Empowerment Committee Application Form

District Legal Empowerment Committee provides free legal representation. Every person has a fundamental right to justice, and it is the government’s primary duty to make this right achievable. On the orders of the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chairman Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan, District Legal Empowerment Committees have been established in 129 districts across the nation to provide free legal assistance to people who are unable to defend their cases due to bankruptcy.

District Legal Empowerment Committee (DLEC) Application Form

The District and Sessions Judge/District Qazi serves as the committee’s chairman. Other members include the Deputy Commissioner/Political Agent, Superintendent of the District Jail, President of the District Bar Association, and a representative of civil society. Functions are carried out in accordance with the 2011 Rules. Citizen of Pakistan Get more information from official website www.ljcp.gov.pk.

District Legal Empowerment Committee Application Form


How to Apply

Any deserving person can apply to the relevant District and Sessions Judge for free legal help or to pay the costs of a lawsuit on simple paper. The application should only have a copy of the applicant’s identity card or other form of identification.
The District Superintendent of Jails also forwarded to the committee requests from poor inmates who were either on trial or had already been found guilty but could not afford legal representation while their cases were still pending. can In addition to this, a court may ask the committee to provide meritorious individuals with free legal representation in ongoing cases.


A lawyer from the High Court’s approved list will be appointed to provide free legal aid, and the Committee may also pay other court costs as it sees fit after carefully examining the applications and determining the applicant’s financial situation. The committee will decide the attorney’s fee (up to Rs. 20,000), taking the circumstances of the case into consideration.

The creation of District Legal Empowerment Committees is a significant step in ensuring that those who deserve it can obtain justice. The public must be made aware of this programme in order for them to contact them for the protection of their rights and benefit from it. Contact the relevant District Legal Empowerment Committee or the Pakistani Law and Justice Commission for more details.