Congo Virus Symptoms In Urdu Under Pakistan Consequences

For information, this Congo Hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) is a kind of viral disease. It actually spreads and transfers through this tick bite. Do you know that this virus was first and initially described in Crimea at the time of 1944? Yes, it is true! We have seen that this virus has now taken its roots in Pakistan as well. We need to know the symptoms of this virus so that we can treat this disease on time Congo Virus Symptoms In Urdu

Congo Virus Symptoms In Urdu Under Pakistan Consequences

As this Congo Virus has become quite and much common in Pakistan you need to stay away from it. If you see any one of these signs and symptoms in your body then keep in mind that this virus has entered your body.

  • It has been reported that up to 75% of the cases of Congo Virus, we have been seeing and witnessing the signs and symptoms of hemorrhage. Right on the onset of this illness and disease, you will be feeling this mood instability in you. If you think that you are becoming the patient of this virus then first and initially you will have mood swings.

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Congo Virus Symptoms In Urdu

  • You will feel some mental confusion in your mind and get some throat petechiae. The major and primary sign and symptom of this virus is that your nose will start bleeding and you will have vomiting on an off basis. You will have black stools too coming out from your body.

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  • You will feel a headache after some regular time periods. The other signs and symptoms of this virus include high fever and back pain. You will too feel a joint pain and also stomach pain. You will get Red eyes and also s flushed face. You will have a red throat. In some of the severe and extreme cases, you will become the patient of jaundice.

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The faster you will treat this virus, the better it will be for you. It is time to stop the spreading of this virus.