Complete Hajj Flight Schedule 2023 for Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has released the travel schedule for Pakistani pilgrims going on Hajj this year. The Saudi government has released the flight schedule for Pakistani Hajj pilgrims, according to which 179,210 pilgrims will depart for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan this year. According to the flight schedule, the first flight of Haj pilgrims from Pakistan will depart on May 21, while the last flight will depart on June 22.

Hajj Flight Schedule 2023

At the end of Hajj, the first flight from Saudi Arabia will reach Pakistan on July 2 and the last flight will take place on August 2. The Saudi government has strictly instructed the operators of scheduled and chartered flights to abide by Saudi laws at all costs.

Complete Hajj Flight Schedule 2023 for Saudi Arabia

Last year, the government had announced that the per capita Hajj expenses with sacrifice would be Rs 8 lakh 60 thousand 177 and without sacrifice Rs 8 lakh 14 thousand 807.

Flight Schedule (Hajj 2022)
Hajj-2022 Flight Schedule

Check yours online. With flight schedule for Hajj 2023 CNIC Number’ or Hajj Application Number on Ministry of Religious Affairs official website The government has given two days to the pilgrims to submit the dues.

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Hajj pilgrims who do not submit their dues before the expiry of this deadline, their applications will be considered cancelled. According to the report, it has been made mandatory to submit the passport and corona vaccination certificate along with the payment of the Hajj package.

The amount of Hajj package including the amount of sacrifice will be 1000 rupees. 888637 while apart from the sacrifice this package will be Rs. 843267. Accommodation in Makkah is Rs. 112224, Transport Rs.14696, Food charges for 38 days Rs. 56112, Residence at Madinah Rs. 38477, entertainment on arrival Rs. 481, miscellaneous charges Rs. This year air fare Rs.181,000, compulsory Hajj expenses Rs.302310, transport charges Rs.70006, additional charges Rs.35270, train charges (mini, Arafat, Muzdalifah and return) will not be collected this year. Madinah (Rs. 3100), airport express service Rs. 1336, zamzam charges Rs. 3206, insurance charges Rs. 6787 and visa fee Rs. 16032.

Hajj 2022 Application Pakistan

Pilgrims coming from Northern Zone (Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Rahim Yar Khan) will have to deposit Rs. The cost of Hajj without the cost of the sacrificial animal is 500 rupees. 755,017.

Similarly, pilgrims from South Zone (Karachi, Quetta, Sukkur) will deposit Rs.1000. 791,337 with sacrifice and Rs. 745,967 without sacrifice. People from northern zone will deposit Rs.4000 for a newborn child and people from southern zone will deposit Rs.3100 for a newborn child.

The pre-Hajj flights will run from June 6 to July 3 while the post-Hajj flights will start from July 14 and continue till August 13. PIA’s total Hajj operation will consist of 331 flights, PIA 5 major. It will bring pilgrims from cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Quetta.