Career After FA In Pakistan Simple FA Based Jobs List

This degree is FA is quite of small level in Pakistan but even with this degree, you can start with your part time career. Here you will have details of career after FA in Pakistan. This degree is related to subjects of arts and humanities and also social sciences Jobs after fa in Pakistan. After completing your FA degree, you can persue and complete you bachelor and master level education but at the same time, you can also continue your career line what can i do after fa. Suppose you have done your FA in sociology or in social work or you have done your FA in subject of psychology or in subject of political science and philosophy then here are the careers which you can opt:

Part time Career options for students of FA

  • Career as Services worker
  • Job of Child care worker
  • Work as Community worker
  • Career as community planner
  • Job of community agency worker
  • Work as researcher
  • Career as cultural advisor
  • Work as event co-ordinator
  • Job of facilitator
  • Career as family support worker
  • Work as government researcher
  • Job of a government program agent
  • Career as Human rights activist
  • Work as market researcher
  • Job of a marketing consultant
  • Career as poverty researcher
  • Work as research assistant
  • Job of social researcher
  • Job of a social worker

Career After FA In Pakistan Simple FA Based Jobs List

Career After FA In Pakistan

Other part time career options for students of FA

  • Job of research assistant: Even if you have done FA, you can have job as research assistant. It depends on your subjects in which you have done your Inter jobs after fa in pakistan. Suppose your inter education is in the subjects of psychology and philosophy, you can ve hired as research assistant in these subjects. The job of research impact officer is same likewise the job of research assistant. You can become a statistical assistant and in this job you will be making statistical analysis.
  • You can have job as a survey researcher if you have done FA. Here you will fill out and plan ou surveys and will be analyzing them. This job is suitable for students who have stats subject in their intermediate degree studies.
  • United nations ambassador: You can even become United nations ambassador. They prefer junior candidates who are at secondary and higher secondary educational level. You can do volunteer work in the organizations and agencies of United nations which are working in Pakistan.

Further professional options for FA students

  • Career as Youth counselor
  • Work as blogger
  • Job of a camp counselor
  • Career as columnist
  • Work as community service agent
  • Job of a copy writer
  • Career as sales officer
  • Work as fund raiser
  • Job of human rights activist
  • Career as information broker
  • Work as international aid worker
  • Job of a publisher
  • Career as sales representative

So this is all about career guide and help for students of FA in Pakistan. There is no need to stop your studies or to put a halt on your educational line if you have completed your FA studies jobs after fa in pakistan. You can continue your graduation level studies and your master level studies and side by side you can have these part time jobs as well. Students have multi tasking handling personalities. Only those students can continue to grow and have success who can handle their studies and professional lines side by side.