Best Bus Services To Travel From Lahore To Hyderabad

Are you planning to travel from Lahore to Hyderabad by bus? If so, you’ll want to read this blog post first! We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make your trip a success, including how long the journey will take, what kind of buses are available, and what kind of scenery you can expect along the way. So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

Travel Time & Distance from Lahore to Hyderabad by Bus:

The distance from Lahore to Hyderabad is around 1040 Km. Travel time from Lahore to Hyderabad by bus is approximately 14 to 16 hours by Motorways M-3 (Lahore – Multan Motorway) and M5, (Multan – Sukkur Motorway). Almost all bus services take this route to travel between Lahore and Hyderabad.

Best Bus Services to travel from Lahore to Hyderabad

 Here is the list of best bus services to travel from Lahore to Hyderabad:

  1. Faisal Movers
  2. Daewoo Express
  3. Waraich Express

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  1. Faisal Movers 

Faisal Movers goal since its foundation in 2004 has been to exceed other bus services in terms of quality, comfort, luxury, and low-cost pricing. Not only is it relaxing for passengers, but it also keeps them amused with the most up-to-date bus system available. Faisal Movers can help you get from one city to the other without breaking the bank. This is the finest luxury and best bus service between Lahore and Hyderabad. It consists of Executive, Sleeper Bus and Business Class seats. The fare for these classes varies from one another.

Faisal Movers Lahore to Hyderabad Ticket Price: 

To travel from Lahore to Hyderabad via Faisal Movers costs you:

  • 3400 RS for Executive class
  • 4400 RS for Business class
  • 5600 RS for Sleeper Bus

How to Book Faisal Movers ticket for Lahore to Hyderabad?

There are two ways to book your ticket by Faisal Movers. Here you go with the two ways:

  1. Calling helpline for phone booking:
  2. Use BOOKKARU app

But how would you use Bookkaru app to get your ticket for Hyderabad is a question still unanswered. Let’s find out.


  • You need to choose your location, destination, and departure date.
  • Press the search button to get your necessary details. This way you will get the available times and other relevant details.
  • Besides, you need to add your personal details such as contact number, CNIC, etc. You will get your invoice and email from BOOKKARU to your given number.
  • You can use different methods to pay your invoice. You can use JazzCash, Credit/Debit Card, Easypaisa, and Bookkaru Wallet.

From where do you get your ticket?

It’s a pretty cool thing that Faisal Movers offers you to get your ticket booked through Faisal Movers online booking service. Aside from that, you can also get your ticket from Faisal Movers terminals. The details of the Faisal Movers terminals in Lahore are given below:

Main Terminal

  • Faisal Movers Abdullah Travels near Niazi Adda Band Road Lahore

Contact number: 042-111-22-44-88 and 0311-1224488

Other Terminals

  • City District Govt. Bus terminal near Yateem Khana chowk, Band Road Lahore
  • Jinnah Terminal near Thokar Niaz Baig
  1. Daewoo Express

It is a privately owned and well-known transport company in Pakistan. It is one of the safe and comfortable bus transports in Pakistan. Daewoo Express offers you the best bus service to travel from Lahore to Hyderabad. They have Daewoo Sleeper Bus which offers you the best experience on that route. The reasons to choose Daewoo Express over other bus services to travel from Lahore to Hyderabad are as follows:

  • Convenient and luxurious
  • Affordable fares
  • Well-trained and educated staff
  • Daewoo Express operates a bus from Lahore to Hyderabad three times a day.

How to Book Daewoo Express ticket for Lahore to Hyderabad?

Without visiting the terminals, you can book and purchase your ticket using the online booking service of Daewoo Express. Go to the Daewoo’s Website and click on “online tickets.” Then enter all the required information there. You will be given a Daewoo Ticket. You can pay for your ticket now.

Daewoo Express Lahore to Hyderabad Ticket Price & Bus Timings: 

To travel from Lahore to Hyderabad via Daewoo Express costs you:

  • 4000 Rs for Luxury Bus
  • 5500 Rs for Sleeper Bus

Lahore to Hyderabad Luxury Bus: 07:00AM

Lahore to Hyderabad Business Class: 02:00PM and 10:00PM

Lahore to Hyderabad Sleeper Bus: 11:00PM

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  1. Waraich Express

Perhaps, Waraich Express is one of the earliest and oldest transport companies in Pakistan. Since its inception in the 1960s, it has been providing innumerable services to its customers. The company owns a large fleet of comfortable buses and it is not stopping at any cost. Waraich Express is one of the cheapest and convenient way of traveling from Lahore to Hyderabad as it offers the minimum rates for the route in comparison to other bus companies.

How to Book Waraich Express ticket for Lahore to Hyderabad?

You can visit Waraich Express terminal, which is located at Rahber Travels Band Road Lahore, to get your ticket or else book your ticket through the online booking system of Waraich Express or by using Bookme app.

Waraich Express Lahore to Hyderabad Ticket fares:

Waraich Express charges 3000/- for the ticket from Lahore to Hyderabad.

Confirmed Time

Time: 11:00AM & 1:45PM


In this blog, we have covered all of the best bus services to travel from Lahore to Hyderabad . If you have tried all other bus services, then why not give a chance to all of the above-mentioned bus services as well? So, get yourself ready to travel to The City of Lights. Grab your ticket by selecting one of the above bus services and let us know in the comments how easily you selected the best bus service to travel from Lahore to Hyderabad .

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cheapest way to travel from Lahore to Hyderabad?

You can travel from Lahore to Hyderabad by bus or train at cheapest fares which cost you around 3000-4500 Rs and 2000 – 3500 respectively.

How much time buses take from Hyderabad to Lahore?

Buses take around 14 to 16 hours from Hyderabad to Lahore or Lahore to Hyderabad .

Does Faisal Movers or Daewoo go to Hyderabad?

Yes, both companies operate different routes from Hyderabad like Lahore, Islamabad, Multan etc.

What is the best bus from Lahore to Hyderabad?

Daewoo Sleeper is one of the best bus from Lahore to Hyderabad. The other bus is Faisal Movers business class.

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