Baisakhi 2023 festival in Pakistan

Baisakhi, also known as Vaisakhi, is an important festival for the Sikh and Punjabi community. It is celebrated every year on April 13 or 14 to mark the beginning of the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere. In Pakistan, home to a significant population of Sikhs and Punjabis, Baisakhi is a joyous occasion that brings people of different faiths and cultures together. This article tells about the history, traditions and celebrations of Baisakhi 2023 festival in Pakistan.

Baisakhi 2023 festival in Pakistan

During the visit, pilgrims will visit Dera Sahib, Panja Sahib, Nankana Sahib and Kartarpur Sahib. The main Baisakhi and Khalsa Janam Day celebrations will be held on April 14 at Gurdwara Panja Sahib Hasan Abdal.

History of Crutches

The Baisakhi has its roots in the 17th century, when Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh guru, founded the Khalsa Panth, a sect of Sikhs. The Guru chose Baisakhi as the day to form the Khalsa because it was an auspicious day and marked the beginning of the harvest season. Since then Baisakhi is celebrated as a day of religious significance and cultural harmony.

Baisakhi celebrations in Pakistan

Baisakhi festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Pakistan, especially in Punjab province. The city of Lahore, in particular, is known for its spectacular Baisakhi celebrations, which attract thousands of people every year. The events include cultural shows, food stalls and various performances by local artistes. In addition, gurdwaras, or Sikh temples, hold special prayers and langars, or communal meals, where people of all faiths come together to participate in the festivities.

Importance of Crutches

Baisakhi holds great importance for both Sikh and Punjabi communities. For Sikhs, it marks the birth of the Khalsa Panth and the initiation of the first five Sikhs by Guru Gobind Singh. It is a day of religious significance and is celebrated with prayers and offerings. Baisakhi is a time for Punjabis to celebrate the harvest and bounty of nature. It is a day of thanksgiving and joy, celebrated with cultural events and festivals.

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