Apply International Driving License Pakistan Online

Get International License Pakistan If you’re planning a vacation abroad, an International Driving License (IDL) is your ticket to a road trip in the country of your choice. If you have a valid driving license, you can get an international permit issued in the UAE. International Driving License Punjab Pakistan

Apply International Driving License Pakistan Online

Citizens can apply for an International Driving License from the Police Service Center. According to the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE), the IDL is a driving license that allows drivers to legally drive their vehicles outside the UAE. A globally recognized IDL is valid for one year.

Apply International Driving License Pakistan Online

Required Documents:

International application form within file cover
Attested copy of CNIC
Photocopy of valid driving license issued by Lahore.
Photocopy of Pakistani passport with visa valid for at least six months.
Two attested photographs (passport size)

Verification of International Driving Permit Pakistan

According to ATCUAE, residents can obtain an IDL in less than 30 minutes if they visit in person at club offices or Emirates Post Offices in the UAE. You can also apply online, but ‘all online applications will take five working days to be delivered to your desired address.

Pakistan International Driving License Valid Countries To obtain an international driving license, users will need a UAE driving licence, Emirates ID and passport size photographs. Dubai has a fee of 77 dirhams for IDL while 20 dirhams are other charges. Licenses can be obtained from Customer Happiness Centers in Dera or Al Barsha. If you want to get the license through normal delivery, the fee will be 20 dirhams while same day delivery will cost 35 dirhams. Foreign nationals holding IDL will also be eligible to drive in Dubai.

International Driving License Islamabad Fee

International Driving License Fee in Pakistan

Processing Fee:

  • Rs 66 court fee ticket.
  • Rs.450 Bank Challan Fee.

Note: Applicants should bring their original identity card, driving license and passport with them.