Allied Khanum Easy Account Features

Allied Khanum easy account

Allied Bank Limited offers Allied Khanum Easy Account for women in Pakistan. Now they can visit any branch with NIC and open a Khanum Asan account.
Allied Bank offers a wide variety of banking services with Allied. Mrs Aan account. Visit your nearest branch or call 0800-22522.

Allied Bank Khanum Easy Account Details:

Allied Bank Khanum Easy Account details are given below on this page.

Allied Khanum Easy Account Features:

Women’s Special Discount Account

Monthly returns with PLS savings rates

Free first checkbook.

Free issuance of Allied Cash/ATM/Aasan Visa Debit Card.

50% discount on Lakers.

Free Allied Direct Internet Banking.

Free access to Allied SMS Banking.

No account maintenance charges.

Allied Book Khanum Easy Account

For more information/details: 0800-77555/